Dinko’s horror continues! Who saves his life

Dinko’s horror continues! Who saves his life
Dinko’s horror continues! Who saves his life

A great misfortune befell Dinko from Yambol. His life turned upside down in an instant and nothing will ever be the same. Dinko narrowly escaped the worst.

As “Petel” wrote, Dinko Valev from Yambol is in a serious condition, after a serious accident near Devnya when pulling an overturned tanker.

He was placed in a plaster cast due to multiple fractures.

The Dinko drama continued in a terrible way. In front of the hospital, a friend of his, who helped him, the famous businessman in Varna – Georgi Kolev, also died suddenly.

A team led by Prof. Dr. Diyan Enchev will perform the first of a series of severe operations on Dinko Valev at Pirogov Medical Center.

The Yambol businessman was seriously injured in an accident near Devnya.

He has broken vertebrae, pelvis, arm and numerous other injuries. Because of his serious condition, none of the doctors at the “St. Anna” Medical Center in Varna committed themselves to being able to help Dinko Valev.

Shortly before entering the operating room this morning, Dinko spoke to Flagman.

“It is true, I suffered very badly, but I am in the safest hands. In “Pirogov” I am with the biggest specialist in orthopedics – Dr. Diyan Enchev, who is a unique specialist. Thanks to all the friends, acquaintances and strangers who wrote to me. Their support keeps me going!” Dinko said.

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