SiteGround donates BGN 300,000 to “Together in an Hour”

SiteGround donates BGN 300,000 to “Together in an Hour”
SiteGround donates BGN 300,000 to “Together in an Hour”

The Bulgarian IT company SiteGround announced that it will support the educational foundation “Together in an Hour” with BGN 300,000. The organization will receive the amount in three years of BGN 100,000 for 2022, 2023 and 2024. The CEO of the hosting group Tenko Nikolov joined the management board council of “Together in class” in August. The funds are mainly intended for the training and development of teachers, principals and school teams from all over the country, the press release says.

“We have been working with “Together in an Hour” for a long time. Education is a personal cause for me, as a parent, and as a person who believes that it is the basis of our future. That is why I decided to become part of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and to work more directly for the organization’s strategic priorities. Our financial commitment is also long-term – BGN 100,000 per year for a period of three years. The goal is to have sustainable results and better educational opportunities for Bulgarian children,” commented in front of “Capital” Tenko Nikolov, CEO of SiteGround.

Education is at the heart of many of SiteGround’s charitable initiatives. The company is one of the largest donors to the Institute for Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Technologies (INSAIT), donating BGN 12 million for the next five years, with one main focus – the amount is specifically intended for rewards for world-renowned scientists and teachers. A few months ago, Tenko Nikolov and the founder of Siteground, Ivo Tsenov, decided to found their own foundation, through which they would support purposefully and structured projects in the fields of education, health and sports. Their long-term goal is to donate at least BGN 100 million.

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