Why is the wagon whole, why is the pepper red

Why is the wagon whole, why is the pepper red
Why is the wagon whole, why is the pepper red

Multi-cultural triumph in Pazardzhik: horse, cart, alfalfa, Antoineta Tsoneva, DB brochure and voter

10 September 2022Saturday, 5:00 p.m.

Author: Flagman.bg

What haven’t we seen so far in the campaign, even though it’s only been a week

The fourth parliamentary elections within a year and a half emptied the party coffers and personal pockets of the contenders for popular love. However, creativity (artistic-creative (self) activity, in old fashioned terms) did not stop. It has only been a week since the start of the election campaign, but the electorate has already seen miracles that they did not think could happen. Some were driven by hyperactivity, and others…were just tame exposures. “Why is the pipe whole? Why is the gas flowing?” former Prime Minister Stefan Yanev enigmatically asked some time ago. All his competitors laughed – absolutely unfairly, because shortly after him they began to produce content of the same quality. If there is political PR at all in Bulgaria, we are witnessing its complete failure, writes segabg.com.

Multiculture has definitely acquired its permanent symbol – Antoineta Tsoneva, mounted on a cart, persistently persuading a voter – a cart driver, to trust his reason, that is, to vote for DB. A white horse in front, green alfalfa in the back, he in flip-flops, she with a new haircut – a yellow-painted idyll in the middle of Pazardzhik… Under the photo on Facebook, a voter urgently asks Tsoneva to visit hemp users. He promises to part ways grinning. But no matter what, laughter is guaranteed!

The former regional governor of Varna, Blagomir Kotsev (PP), also contributed to rural pastoralism. As a true man of the people, he played several gigs around the region, and finally appeared at a party meeting in the village of Priseltsi. But how? With a light car (well, a stroller of some kind…), which poor rural people cannot buy in three lifetimes. What does the world look like through the eyes of the uncle who waters the pepper sparingly because water is expensive (potential voter from Priseltsi)? And through the eyes of the owner of a cult restaurant in Varna’s Sea Garden and a bunch of other companies who can afford a few such careless carts (candidate Kotsev)? Could they have anything in common? These are, admittedly, irrelevant questions because they are existential, not purely political.

Speaking of pepper, another remarkable appearance cannot be overlooked – a university academician chemist standing in front of the herb and giving a speech. We are talking about Nikolay Denkov (PP). Apparently, some intelligent brain has made an academic person like him get involved in the mud fights with GERB for “Captain Andreevo” – and Denkov explains in a video which is nitrates, which is pesticides… (the Gerbers pronounced incorrectly on this life-threatening issue). They stand stretched out peacefully in front of the Denkov stall, literally as if planted (planted). He recites, and behind him the green and red appetizing cucumbers and pepper – imported in the PP era, of course. The pepper in particular is so juicy and large that it does not at all evoke pesticides and nitrates in the viewer. Another interesting thing – Denkov says that the difference between nitrates and pesticides was like between food additives and combat poisons. This is definitely a mega resourceful comparison, but unfinished – Kiril Petkov is missing to offer the audience a nutritional supplement at the end…

Petkov should be credited for not stopping posting personal clips on the networks after a child surprised him by saying that “Vazrazhdane” would beat PP. However, one wonders at the clips in which there are (allegedly) no expositions! Here’s part of one:

Location: Vratsa. In the frame: Denitsa Simeonova, known for the song “Just Kiro”; a boy named Vladi, an immigrant by default; Kiro himself.

Simeonova: “When we announced the idea of ​​a North-West University, Vladi said: “You’re kidding, everyone promises this, you won’t do it”. And I told him: “No, Vladi, we are the ones who will do it! “.

Kiro adds that if he becomes a university, Vladi will have to return to Bulgaria.

Vladi replies that he hopes so.

Point. An idea?

Simeonova, however, pronounces all this in such a cheerful manner, as if she had said something incredibly clever. Or at least she built five bridges over the Danube. The clip should be watched because of her unique timbre and intonation:

The campaign gave birth to another question – who taps with red boots and is not Santa Claus? But nice red boots, urban – standing next to an almost barefoot country man? In the picture he is poor, languishing, worn out. She – not at all. The answer: Maya Manolova (Stand Up Bulgaria”) has red boots. The photo is from Karavelovo. The same Karavelovo. To be serious (really!) many candidate MPs threw a lot of mud from the houses of the injured people. They helped, took pictures for advertising, after a day -two left, went to help other people in the country and to take pictures again… What is ethical and unethical in this work is difficult to judge. But in an election campaign the details are important. And the measure, the subtle messages … Manolova’s boots, right next to this man, suggest a lifestyle in the midst of grief – nothing else.

And if someone is wondering if a candidate-deputy can appear next to a roadside sign and cars, the answer is yes. Victory to the village Victory with 28 balloons for the 28 bulletin! The leaves are red, the balloons are red, and even the hair:

In the final is Luna. “Our wonderful politician,” says the host about her. It’s good to watch the clip. Mainly because of the host:

Of course, many more songs, dances, and also yachts and buses came into pre-election use (some of them – see in the gallery). The entire toolkit cannot be listed. Is it all worth it, people ask themselves… – 2.8 Bulgarians came out to vote for her, not her. But even if 1 million come out – we will still have deputies. So worth it for most of them!

Ivaylo Mirchev from DB in the Roma neighborhood in Burgas “Kumluka” talks/sings with a young sympathizer. However, more interesting is the old woman next to them, who seems to be planning to… (us) sweep them.

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