Only one bid for a project to prevent the collapse of 60-ton rocks from Taksim Tepe

Only one bid for a project to prevent the collapse of 60-ton rocks from Taksim Tepe
Only one bid for a project to prevent the collapse of 60-ton rocks from Taksim Tepe

Only one offer has been received in the Municipality of Plovdiv for research and design works for strengthening measures to strengthen the rock slope from the Ancient Theater to the Church of St. Five, Jambaz tepe. The city authorities put out a public tender because of the danger that rock blocks weighing up to 60 tons could break from Taksim Tepe and fill roads, houses or cause a tragic accident.

The estimated value of the activities is BGN 150,000, and the only offer is from the Sofia company “Geokonstrukt” OOD. In the coming weeks, the commission for the Municipality of Plovdiv will check the company’s documentation and if everything is according to the requirements, a contract will be signed with it.

We remind you that from the expertise carried out by the Institute of Geology at the BAS, it is clear that the drone inspection showed the presence of many rock blocks with spheroidal rounding due to weathering, separated from the massif and located mostly in the upper part of the slope.

More than 10 unstable rock blocks with volumes up to 15-25 m 3 have been found, the mass of some of them may exceed 60 tons. Their number may turn out to be greater if a detailed mapping of the section immediately above the escarpment is done.

According to the report, a stronger seismic impact could provoke a mass collapse of rock blocks on the escarpment and thus cause more damage than a single collapse due to rainfall or periods of freezing and thawing of the massif. The risk is for the residential buildings at the base of the slope, as well as in the case of a dangerous combination of circumstances – and for the car and pedestrian traffic through and around the Tunnel. It was found that the rocks are highly cracked, both on the surface and in depth.

In the past, the Municipality of Plovdiv has carried out partial strengthening activities, which are localized in the section next to the Ancient Theatre, without guaranteeing the safety of the cliff, as a whole.

The recommendations of the geologists is to take immediate measures to strengthen the slopes and to start designing the strengthening facilities. They suggest the collapse of the unstable rock blocks.

It is written in the order that the maximum period for the preparation of the project for the strengthening of the rocks should not be longer than 90 days. After that, the Municipality of Plovdiv can launch a public procurement for the strengthening works.

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