What I saw in the Roma neighborhood of Slatina shocked me completely

What I saw in the Roma neighborhood of Slatina shocked me completely
What I saw in the Roma neighborhood of Slatina shocked me completely
The photographer from Plovdiv Atanas Turpanov with a story on social networks about what he saw in the worst affected by the floods in Karlovsko sela.

After several days of photographing the floods in Karavelovo and Bogdan, today I managed to reach Slatina and in particular the Roma neighborhood of the village. What I saw there shocked me completely. Although they are not affected as much as in other places, there is no help for the people there, there are no volunteers, and they need machines and especially tongs and excavators to clear the trees between the houses, packaged food, diapers, clothes, shoes for the children and above all the possibility of accommodation for the people whose houses have fallen.

They are currently housed in the hall of the former school, in shameful conditions, lacking a toilet, a place to cook, and electricity and water.

If anyone is able to help with the above I think the best option is to go there, don’t donate to the publicly announced accounts for these people, the money or products/clothes will not reach them.

Yesterday, more than 90 heavy construction machines cleared the damage in the flood-affected villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina. 3 tractors, 3 bulldozers, 7 clamps, 12 crawler excavators, 24 wheeled combined excavators, 36 trucks were involved in the construction and strengthening of riverbeds, cleaning of streets and private yards in the villages. The work and tasks of the heavy equipment were coordinated and distributed by the responsible persons for each village, determined by the Crisis Staff of the Municipality of Karlovo. At least the same number of machines are expected to be back in operation today.

More than 1,000 volunteers from all over the country came to help the victims of the flood with free labor yesterday.

Together with them, more than 100 servicemen from the 61st Stryam Brigade and the Air Force, as well as 50 cadets from the National Military University “Vasil Levski” – Veliko Tarnovo and 40 cadets from the Higher Military Air School “Georgi Benkovski” – Dolna Mitropolia, cleared the defeats. Today, servicemen and cadets will once again help the population.

Again, many volunteers are expected, the Municipality of Karlovo has created the necessary organization to distribute them by site, as well as to provide the necessary tools – shovels, boots, buckets, carts, etc.

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