Karadai: The governor of Razgrad is undermining democracy

The regional governor of Razgrad is undermining democracy. This was stated by the chairman of the DPS Mustafa Karadai at a pre-election meeting in Ludogorie. DPS-Razgrad filed a complaint against Dragomir Zlatev in the district prosecutor’s office a day ago.

In 2021, we witnessed a militia that brought back the memory of the communist regime – ministers giving instructions to the democratic police, Karadayi said, recalling the thousands of cases of police harassment during the campaigns in July and November last year.

A deep bow to you people who did not bend. You defended democracy! Only the one who did not appeal to the court against the Rashkovshtina, only he did not win the cases against the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said Karadai. And he added: “We suffer a lot, but we cannot tolerate the collapse of democracy, state and statehood. Today, out of inertia, various people are again trying to violate the law. I am talking about the regional governor.”

Does this regional representative know that democracy is based on rights and freedoms, order and rules, legality and laws? Has he read any law, Mustafa Karadai asked. And he called for the Razgrad police to be restructured.

These people still live in the so-called “Razgrad republic” from the time of totalitarianism, which did not allow democracy in Deliormana, the DPS leader was outraged.

But we, DPS, are here, we are proud and free Bulgarian citizens. We are the defenders of democracy, we will not allow democracy, the state and statehood to collapse. We are part of Bulgaria and Europe and we want a dignified life, Karaday was categorical.

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