Instead of bouquets, newlyweds collect donations for neonatology

Instead of bouquets, newlyweds collect donations for neonatology
Instead of bouquets, newlyweds collect donations for neonatology

Newlyweds continue the charitable tradition in the Department of Neonatology at MOBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov”. Less than a month ago, newlyweds Gloria and Georgi donated a pulse oximeter to the same department, which was bought with money collected from the wedding. The device is used daily to diagnose babies in neonatology.

The second charitable gesture to the Veliko Tarnovo hospital is from 28-year-old Adelina and 29-year-old Trifon Kenarovi. The newlyweds, instead of flowers at the wedding, collected money to support at-risk newborns.

They donated the funds from the wedding, which took place on July 24, to the hospital. On their initiative, the guests did not buy bouquets, but collected money intended for neonatology. “Although beautiful, flowers wither. You don’t even remember them, you forget how they colored your soul at least for a day or a few moments. But what will warm our hearts not only with color, but also with a lot of hope, is the goodness in some magical smiles. Childlike and more beautiful than a flower. Instead of expensive bouquets, let’s give happiness to heroes in incubators! Because TOGETHER we can do MORE!” is the message from the Kenarovi family’s invitation. The funds collected from bouquets are about BGN 1,000.

The young donors are from Veliko Tarnovo and live in the village of Resen. About 140 guests attended their wedding.

“We chose the donation to be for MOBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov” and more precisely the department of neonatology, because I was a baby in an incubator. My parents’ stories about what they experienced made me feel how important the doctors of the hospital and this department are for the birth of a new life,” says the newlywed.

”I was supposed to give birth naturally, but things didn’t go as planned. Due to “prolapse of the umbilical cord” operative intervention by Dr. Hadjiradev’s team was necessary, and thanks to his professional and adequate intervention, things went smoothly. Our son was born of normal size and weight, but from the above preceding events, he developed asphyxiation, which required admission to the neonatology unit. There, under the special medical care of Dr. Kircheva, the recovery was quick and successful. That’s why the ward is so special for our family,” said the groom’s mother.

“All the guests were fascinated by our choice and supported our cause. We are happy that one of the family invited to our wedding will follow our example and also make a donation to the hospital,” shared the newlyweds. “A wedding is a symbol of a new beginning. So we were inspired to kick off family life with something so pure and true. The happiness when you see the smile of a person whom you have helped is irreplaceable and this provoked us to choose this cause,” said the Simeon family.

“I am impressed by the meaningful and useful causes of young people. Just a month ago, the hospital received another donation, again from newlyweds. On a day filled with positive emotions, they come together and think about people’s health and life. The entire team of MOBAL “D Dr. Stefan Cherkezov “thanks Adelina and Trifon and welcomes their cause,” commented the director of the hospital, Dr. Krasimir Popov.

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