Conflict at Malko Tarnovo border crossing

Conflict at Malko Tarnovo border crossing
Conflict at Malko Tarnovo border crossing

Buses overtake the convoys of cars, which leads to tension and the danger of fights

11 September 2022Sunday, 11:16 a.m.

Author: Lachezar LISITSOV, photos: Anton Berdankov

A lack of counters leads to the problem, according to former municipal councilor Anton Berdankov

About a serious problem at the Malko Tarnovo border checkpoint warns former municipal councilor from Burgas Anton Berdankov. Cars wait for several hours to cross to Turkey and back, while buses try to overtake themwhich gives rise to conflicts.

The gendarmerie had to intervene last night.

“The problem is from both the Bulgarian and Turkish sides. From the Bulgarian side, I waited five hours yesterday to go to Turkey to finish work in two hours. And on the way back, I waited for three hours,” explained Mr. Berdankov.

The conflict came from the fact that buses are passed with priority, there are no special counters for them. Or they work for a very short time, because of which there was a big traffic jam.

The bus drivers overtook the large columns of cars on the left with the explanation that they were on separate transit mode, but this was not actually true.

“People are tired of being passed by the buses. One a woman with three children in the car blocked one of them, who wanted to pass again on the left side. She risking his life to be able to stop the bus. After he blocked it, other people came out. We blocked several buses – there must have been five or six. If they had passed, we would have waited until morning,” Anton Berdankov explained the situation.

According to him, this could lead to a fatal accident.

“The gendarmerie arrived from the Turkish side so that they could stir up the people and allow the buses to pass. There is a big conflict going on there and I think soon it can even lead to physical self-harm. Attention should be paid. It is not that difficult to commit a few more people to work so that the processing can be done faster. This is purely an organizational activity that needs to be done“, believes Berdankov.

Citizens from the motorcade stop the buses

Conflict can lead to self-harm

That was the situation this morning

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