27 years since one of the biggest absurdities in modern Bulgarian history

27 years since one of the biggest absurdities in modern Bulgarian history
27 years since one of the biggest absurdities in modern Bulgarian history

Today marks the 27th anniversary of the biggest hoax in the history of Ruse – the day when fake news about the arrival of aliens gathered thousands at Shtrklevo airport, TVN reports.

The year is 1995, the day is September 11, a day that could have gone down in the history of mankind with an unprecedented event… Yes, but no… as a colleague said…

Several thousand people were waiting at the airport near the Ruse village of Shtrklevo to welcome the most distinguished guests from another planet. Contactees dressed in pale pink assured that they were in contact with the aliens who would land at 11:00. For the convenience of the greeters, the ladies held pencil portraits of some of the alien leaders.

The two “contactees” – Zdravka Krumova and Radka Trifonova are driving the city crazy with the announcement that the space glider (ship) of the mani from the Republic of Vestumi, planet Chrissy, constellation Cepheus will land at the airport in the village of Shtrklevo near the city. The information about the arrival is also provided distributed by the media twenty days earlier.

There is no other case in Bulgarian history of such a large-scale and organized reception of alien guests! Several thousand people were caught on the “tin” – some sincerely believing in the arrival of aliens, others – with a certain amount of doubt, others – for “seira”. However, it is a fact that as many greeters gather in front of the airport as Todor Zhivkov does not always gather. The space in front of the airport building looked like a fair, with the constant kebabs and beer, seed vendors, stalls with etc. Several dozen employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs guard the event…

Everyone is waiting for the ship, but nothing appears from the sky. The initiators of the welcome, however, keep their composure and announce to the crowd that the aliens were frightened by the attention. After three hours of waiting, with police escort, the contactees escape from the area.

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