Asen Vassilev in Haskovo: If adults and young people start working together, things will go in the right direction – Elections

Asen Vassilev in Haskovo: If adults and young people start working together, things will go in the right direction – Elections
Asen Vassilev in Haskovo: If adults and young people start working together, things will go in the right direction – Elections
  • September 11, 2022

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Our main goals and priorities are to continue what we started, especially in the social sphere and the sphere of the fight against corruption. You know that pensions were raised significantly, kindergartens became free, we gave tax breaks for young families, salaries of teachers, doctors, people in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, firefighters, and the military were raised. All this is an investment in the people of Bulgaria. This was stated by the co-chairman of “We continue the changeKiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev presented their political project “We continue the change”” Asen Vasilev commented in Haskovo, reported a reporter.

What we want to do from next year with the new budget is to raise the minimum wage significantly – to make it 50% of the average, which means between BGN 850-900, to continue increasing pensions ahead of inflation and to continue the investment in benefits for young families and in the social sphere. This is the policy on a national scale, he explained.

Another important thing is that we have started several things on the anti-corruption topic. We managed to pass legislation for the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to become independent in Bulgaria and start working. There is already a conviction in Plovdiv. This must continue. We tried to finish the process of the anti-corruption commission with Mr. Rashkov at the head – it did not work. I hope that this will succeed in the new parliament, so that people can finally see some justice, Vassilev stressed.

“The main problem in Haskovo is related to water supply. Finally, Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad united in a joint company, which made it possible for them to receive funds under the programs of the Water and Sewerage. This investment project is starting. Preparations are currently being made so that Haskovo will finally have normal and clean water. The other thing we have started working on at the national level is investments. This year we have the largest growth in investments for the first six months. There is also interest in Haskovo in the field of tourism and production. The idea is to get some new companies here to raise the standard of living and have more and better paying jobs. This is mainly for the region,” announced the co-chairman of the PP.

“What we have learned over the last seven months is that enthusiasm and youth alone are not enough, there must also be some white hairs. That is why we have started to gather around us people who have experience and can help in the process. That’s the main message, if we adults and young people start looking in the same direction and start working together finally, instead of one being on the computer and the other being in the next room, things will go in the right direction.” stressed Asen VassilevAsen VassilevAsen Vassilev was the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism from March 12 to May 29, 2013. By decree of.

“We hear that the social course we have taken must continue.” The investment in people must continue in the country, and not go back to the skinny pizzas we’ve been eating for too long. The other thing people tell me most often is, “Don’t give up! Keep going! Finish your work so that Bulgaria becomes a better place to live for all of us,” Vassilev pointed out.

Nikola Minchev added: “We are glad to be in our hometown. We only have local people on our lists. My ideas for the region are that the money for culture should be much more, it should be spent transparently and efficiently – something that we managed to do in many areas. Now we have to finish our work.”

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