They check gas stations in Plovdiv

They check gas stations in Plovdiv
They check gas stations in Plovdiv


For two months, the state compensated citizens with 25 cents per liter for ordinary fuels. The anti-inflation measure costs BGN 63 million to the treasury. But how effective has it been and will it stop soon?

Since the introduction of the state discount for bulk fuels, more than 12 million refuelings have taken advantage of the discount. That is, on average 180,000 cash receipts were for lower amounts.

In order to check whether there are no violations, the revenue agency carried out more than 100 inspections. The most common irregularity is a discrepancy between the cash availability and the data from the financial report, which shows the declared quantities of fuel and the information received in the NRA through the electronic system.

However, the checks do not stop there – the inspectors also carry out hidden observations. For example, in Burgas and Plovdiv, after half an hour of hidden observation, the reflected discounts were compared to the numbers of the means of transport available in the daily report. The inspections continue, the NRA is categorical.

In just two months since the state compensated with 25 cents per liter of fuel, more than 63 million were spent from the treasury. This means that until the initially set budget of BGN 150 million for the measure is exhausted, there are about BGN 87 million left. If the money continues to be spent at the same rate, it would probably reach the end of the year. A regular government and a functioning parliament can extend the measure and vote on a new budget, but as of the current date there is a question mark on this topic, reports BNT.

Apart from the uncertainty of whether the discount will remain for a longer period, it is also one of the lowest given in Europe. In Greece, the assistance is between 40 and 55 euros according to the driver’s residence, after an electronic request. In Romania, back in February, the government reduced the excise tax by 50%, but this turned out to be insufficient, and in the summer they added 20 cents per liter.

A price cap has been introduced in Croatia. In Western Europe, reductions per liter of gasoline are between 12 and 15 euro cents in Sweden and France, 17 euro cents in Belgium and the Netherlands, and up to 25 and 30 euro cents in Italy and Germany.

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