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Pazardjik bristled against Hristo Yanev

Pazardjik bristled against Hristo Yanev
Pazardjik bristled against Hristo Yanev

Pazardjik bristled against Hristo Yanev. The “Heber” fan club declared strongly against the coach, who was chosen as the successor of the Italian specialist Fulvio Pea. The newcomer recorded another defeat, this time 0-1 at Black Sea, and the local supporters are firmly against the Italians at the club.

“We are using our page to publicly address Todor Popov – Mayor of Pazardzhik Municipality. 3 months have passed since the changes in the club, and at the very beginning we expressed our concerns in good faith. Time is the best judge and everyone can judge for themselves whether they were justified or not. However, with the start of the football season, time is working against Heber, so we call for urgent measures! Let’s put an end to the Italian experiment as soon as possible! To err is human, but with time, any mistake risks becoming irreparable .It is evident that many things are not going as they should in a professional team.The list is not exhaustive, but here are some of the most disturbing ones:

– the problems surrounding the carding of new players and the strategy of attracting foreign players per kilo, who in the end cannot even take part in the matches. Lack of clarity about who and on what principle makes the selection in the team.

– the removal of experienced players from the squad for no particular reason, which was kept quiet until we made it public

– the plans for improvements on “Georgi Benkovski”, where nothing is happening, and even on the contrary – the base has not been maintained qualitatively in recent months and is being compromised with each passing day. It is clear that lighting takes time, although Lokomotiv (Sofia) and Spartak (Varna) had the same time and are already playing under lighting, but the recommendations for our stadium cover other things that could already be worked on.

Today, we’re going to give prominence to something that’s even more indicative of what’s going on right now! A member of Fulvio Pea’s staff, perhaps sensing where things are going, in recent days has been making soundings for a change in the coaching position and campaigning for the attraction of Hristo Yanev, who is currently the coach of Miner from Pernik. Anyone can easily guess who it is, but we will leave the moral side of these actions uncommented. However, we categorically state that Hristo Yanev has no place in Heber and attracting him would be a huge mistake! We urge him not to do it himself!

Mr. Popov, we have always been driven only by the desire for Heber to move forward successfully. When, after 20 years of waiting, we saw the team in Group A, we turned to you again because we saw the risk of bad advisers misleading you. We didn’t get a response then, we don’t want to get one now. It is enough to read. Everything is still fixable at this point! It will require changes in motion, which we are sure you are already aware of. But the first step is one! We call for the fastest way to bring back Nikolay Mitov as coach of Heber – the “culprit” of us being in the elite this season. He proved categorically, as a coach and a player, what Heber means to him. The second step is to rethink the selection of the club with an emphasis on attracting mainly Bulgarian footballers. Of course, you will make the decision. Now that names are already being mentioned, and by members of the current coaching staff, we are obliged to express our position because we are increasingly concerned about what is happening. We never claimed to be always right! We don’t claim to be, but it’s enough to look at the comments under the various articles and pages to get an idea of ​​what people’s opinion and mood is.

Only Heber!”

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