Galab Donev confirmed: “Gazprom” is not talking to us

Galab Donev confirmed: “Gazprom” is not talking to us
Galab Donev confirmed: “Gazprom” is not talking to us

The caretaker prime minister refuted President Radev, according to whom LUKoil lowered fuel prices after the meeting with him

Acting Prime Minister Gulab Donev confirmed the words of his energy minister – that “Gazprom” is not in contact with the government at all.

“We have not received a response from Gazpromexport to the invitation to talk,” Donev told Nova TV. with them so that we can have a conversation, and what the result will be is not yet known. But at the moment we do not have a conversation with Gazpromexport.

Nevertheless, Donev continued to explain that attempts are being made to talk with Gazprom: “Dialogue is important, talks are important – we have sent a request to Gazpromexport to restore supplies under the contract. Bulgaria and Bulgargaz in this case do not are a petitioner, and these are two equal trading partners who are looking for a way to resume dialogue with each other,” he said.

Just two days ago, Energy Minister Rosen Hristov admitted that there were no talks with the Russian gas supplier:

According to Galab Donev, the meeting between the management of LUKoil and President Rumen Radev is not the reason why the price of mass gasoline fell below BGN 3. This was contrary to Radev’s words yesterday: “You saw that after the meeting with LUKoil, gasoline prices fell below BGN 3.”

According to Donev, this is not the result of the talks, “because we cannot interfere in the market”.

Earlier today, the former Minister of Energy, Alexander Nikolov, took a stance on the subject.

“The EU still does not want to admit that the energy crisis is more a function of Europe’s energy policy in the last 10 years than of the war in Ukraine. The war only catalyzes some of the effects,” he told BNR, clearly hinting for the serious binding of Germany especially with Russian natural gas.

“Bulgaria is in a much more advantageous position than the rest of the EU countries. … Bulgaria will be neither in the cold nor in the dark, as the official cabinet is trying to play with people’s fears”. Today on BTV, the government spokesman Anton Kutev again predicted that “people will die this winter”. At the same time, he could not explain whether he was negotiating with “Gazprom”, boasted that the price of gasoline is falling, but found it difficult to point out exactly how the government helped with this.

Al. Nikolov emphasized that Another advantage of Bulgaria is that the production of electricity does not depend on natural gas at all: “We are the largest balancer in South-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans from the point of view of electricity. This gives us an advantage, because it is possible to form agreements , which will enable Bulgaria to export electricity, and in return to import natural gas”.

Acting Minister of Economy Nikola Stoyanov announced to BNT that Azerbaijan has already expressed readiness for such a barter. “This possibility has been confirmed – if we export electricity, the gas that will be saved in addition to the eliminated need for its production, will be given to us,” explained Stoyanov. “At the moment, all countries are looking for additional quantities of gas. However, if we manage to implement this scheme, we will be among the few countries that will be able to receive it,” said Stoyanov.

In the words of the former minister, “energy must be far from any political fights, because it is a sector that determines the life of every citizen and of the entire industry and business”:

“If someone wants to use the topic of “energy” for an election campaign, it is extremely wrong and very harmful to society. This shows the culture of the people who practice it. Gazprom’s behavior towards the whole of Europe is clear, we and Poland were the first .In all 7 months while I was in charge of the sector (as Minister of Energy in the “Petkov” government – b.r.) there was no different commercial or legal practice that distinguished one or another supplier, regardless of which country represents and what type of contract it is. If someone was willing to take risks for Bulgaria and for a Bulgarian company, on a scale and scale that is unacceptable, let them sign all the documents that are required and continue to act as they see fit well. … The current minister – Rosen Hristov has been informed about everything, about what stage it is at, what can happen and how. Obviously, it has already been proven even for them (the caretaker government – n.b.) that “Gazprom ” is an unreliable provider . What they did with the offer for the six LNG tankers, for which the European Commission also cooperates, I don’t know how to define it,” commented Alexander Nikolov.

“When we agreed on the first two tankers, they were realized as offloading within two weeks. What we had done is that by the end of the month of October everything was secured, November and December were left. The caretaker government says it has agreed with Turkey for one slot, we had left one. Easily 1+1 would have given 2. December new slot auctions are held, Revitusa’s capacity has also increased and the third cargo could have easily been realized then. The remaining 4 cargoes would have been an option how should Bulgaria act from January onwards”, the former Minister of Energy explained how the contracted liquefied gas tankers, which the caretaker government refused to negotiate with Gazprom, should be handled. But as it turned out, Gazprom did not respond to the Bulgarian request.

“DANS should look into a much longer period, “which also covers the reasons for reducing the quantities of gas from Azerbaijan, when, who and if he gave a silent refusal when asked whether these quantities should be reduced, what is the communication with “Gazprom” on the subject and are the tenders transparent”, Nikolov commented on the action of DANS in the middle of last week, when he demanded from “Bulgargaz” documents from April, when “Gazprom” stopped the gas to Bulgaria.

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