Galab Donev: Bulgaria is not turning towards Russia, but a difficult winter awaits us

“When the interconnector with Greece comes into operation we will have another source of gas and of course we will have a slightly better price than the current one. Next week we will have Act 15,” this was announced by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev to Nova TV. He was categorical that Bulgaria is not turning towards Russia.

The prime minister partially refuted the words of the spokesman of the cabinet, Anton Kutev, who in front of another media this morning, painted an apocalyptic picture of the coming winter, saying that we will pay with human lives.

“The winter will be difficult, but we are making absolutely every effort to guarantee the supply of gas, fuel and other necessary goods to citizens and businesses,” Donev said.

He added that our country is not talking to Gazpromexport at the moment, Galab Donev also stated.

The caretaker prime minister stated that an inquiry has been made to Gazpromexport to restore supplies under the contract. “No response returned. Bulgaria and “Bulgargaz” is not a petitioner. These are two equal trading partners who are looking for an opportunity to restore the dialogue between them,” said the caretaker prime minister.

“On our side, meetings and dialogue with Gazpromexport are being sought through Bulgargaz, the Minister of Energy is also trying to enter into dialogue. We work for gas for the winter at affordable prices for businesses and citizens. We do not have a firm refusal not to hold talks with Gazpromexport”, explained Galab Donev.

Regarding the talks with Lukoil held during the week, Donev said: “The actions of the Bulgarian government are very clear. We are working to reduce inflation. Fuel prices are the main source of inflation. The fact is that since Saturday, gasoline in Bulgaria is below BGN 3.”

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