Kiril Petkov stepped in because of Boyko Rashkov (VIDEO)

Kiril Petkov stepped in because of Boyko Rashkov (VIDEO)
Kiril Petkov stepped in because of Boyko Rashkov (VIDEO)

“You won’t be in charge anymore. You can convey to Boyko Rashkov that he certainly won’t succeed.” A group of men at the airport in Sofia addressed such remarks to former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. They explain that they are from Pernik and that the leader of the PP list in the city, Boyko Rashkov, has no chance there, reported

The author of the video published on Facebook, Robertino Stoilov, claims that Petkov was waiting for his wife Linda and the children to return from Canada.

The former prime minister gets confused in his explanations of what was done during his administration and cannot give a meaningful answer to any of the questions put to him.

Here is what author Robertino Stoilov writes:

I’m coming home from Belgium and who should I see? Mr. Kiril Petkov himself, whom I assumed was leaving for Canada, but alas, the man was expecting his wife and children, who are arriving from Canada (most likely). I tried to make a meaningful conversation with him, but he knows one thing, one thing. He didn’t answer my questions, but he kept repeating the same thing. He repeats the same thing on television and in the places he visits, and I remembered the clip that gained immense popularity with Ivaylo Shopski.

It’s very easy when you have experienced PR people behind you, but when you’re unprepared and you’re asked questions that you don’t want to answer because you know you’re being filmed and your supporters won’t like the answers, you decide to repeat yourself and too. He asked me if I had children and if I was concerned about Bulgaria. Mr. Petkov, I am concerned about Bulgaria because I am Bulgarian, I grew up in Bulgaria, I study and work in Bulgaria and I am proud of it. I hope that my son will also study and work in Bulgaria, because we have convinced ourselves that Western education is not very good.

He was definitely uncomfortable when I asked him if he was ashamed of being proud of the fact that he participated in the 24-hour arrest of Bulgaria’s biggest opposition leader. Is this the democracy he was talking about everywhere. He also doesn’t know where those 9 billion BGN are, which he kept talking about a few months ago, supposedly there was serious evidence for them, but we haven’t seen anything yet, where are the highways and bridges, for which there is not even a launched project? He did not want to talk about the topic with the suppliers, who raised the price of gas and involved the Bulgarian people in an ever-greater crisis.

In addition to this, Petkov threatened to continue what he had started regarding the arrests and persecution of our leader. In his words, I quote: “This is just the beginning. When we return to power and fix KPCONPI and we will continue!”

My colleague Mihail Dinev replicated this by asking him if by “fixing” the commission he meant that the communist satrap Boyko Rashkov should head it. Colleague Dinev reprimanded the ex-prime minister for the fact that the PP brightly advertises their “pro-European” views, and in the end they use communist tricks and reminded him of the decisions of the Bulgarian justice system and higher European institutions, which declared the arrests illegal.

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