Career opportunities in Bulgaria are increasingly attractive

Career opportunities in Bulgaria are increasingly attractive
Career opportunities in Bulgaria are increasingly attractive

At Kosher 2022, young Bulgarians will have the opportunity to find a new career challenge

Bulgaria’s economic progress provides more and more opportunities for the realization of educated young people, both at the beginning of their professional career, and for specialists with solid experience. This was commented by Mila Topalova, a member of Tuk-Tam’s Board of Directors, on the air of the program “Business Start” on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

“Business needs all kinds of personnel. There are more and more opportunities for people who have higher education,” said the guest.

At the annual Kosher 2022 event, young Bulgarians will have the opportunity to participate in discussions and meet speakers with international experience, find their new career challenge and create very useful contacts, notes Topalova.

Topalova emphasizes that there will be many opportunities at the event – both for people at the beginning of their professional career and for specialists with a lot of experience. “We have startups that are looking for people who have just graduated or have experience. There is something for everyone, and those interested can get advice on their career development in our HR area with the help of consultants,” she points out.

“We also have workshops for new skills, and visitors can get to know a number of Bulgarian startups. There will be amazing discussions with great speakers from institutions and business,” adds Topalova.

According to her, Tuk-Tam was originally conceived as an organization that aims to help young Bulgarians abroad find fulfillment and return to our country.

“However, we are now globally connected, and a given talent does not necessarily have to return to the country to help improve the environment,” the interlocutor believes.

According to Topalova, the reasons for the return of graduates abroad are mostly personal, but “the environment here is improving, there are many international companies and Bulgarian startups. I think you make that decision yourself, but as an organization we strive to connect people with businesses that need staff. IT specialists have been talked about for a long time, but there is a lack of personnel in many other sectors as well – construction, pharmacy, transport, logistics, there is a shortage of personnel everywhere, which provides opportunities for professional development,” she is emphatic.

See the full commentary in the video at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

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