The government is forcing the construction of the Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo highway

The Council of Ministers has decided to announce Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo highway for a national site. The aim is to give priority to the construction and to make the procedures go faster. The entire cabinet gave support.

That’s what he said the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Ivan Shishkov after the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The decision also aims to put order in the design and construction of the highways and all transport corridors in Bulgaria. With this decision, a part of that action has been taken, with which the chaos in road construction must be slowly and methodically liquidated and a planned and legal order introduced in the construction,” explained Shishkov. He was categorical that the construction of the highway is important and he gave the example of the delay in its construction and road accidents in the area.

Three companies submitted bids for the first 76 km of the Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo highway

The announced order is for 2 of the 3 planned road sections

The PUP is ready and next week it will be approved by the MRRB, the procedure for expropriation and construction of the highway begins. Ivan Shishkov explained that the Court of Justice found that “the plan for the motorway was not coordinated deliberately”.

As of today, the design of the highway from Ruse has started as quickly as possible to Byala bypassas well as two of the three axes next to the highway, is awarded and the design of the entire transport corridor will be awarded to the Makaza checkpoint.

We remind you that yesterday Minister Shishkov announced that makes a second sod of the construction of AM “Hemus”, as the state has paid the sums due to the companies involved in the construction of the new sections of the “Hemus” highway and its construction resumes. However, it was not clear which was the first sod – announced by the previous administration of GERB and former Prime Minister Borisov, or in the distant 1974.


Ivan Shishkov: The state paid for AM “Hemus”

The remaining sections 4 to 8 cannot be thought of yet

Secondly, the Minister of Regional Development announced that the Council of Ministers had decided to change the OPU of Sofia with the aim of expanding a third metro diameter. It will be from the Military Academy, through the “Geo Milev” district, Arena Armeets and reach Tsarigradsko shosse, it will be 6 km long and have 6 metro stations.

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