We will not allow the extraction of gas in Dobruja

We will not allow the extraction of gas in Dobruja
We will not allow the extraction of gas in Dobruja

“No matter how willing a government is to serve, it cannot defeat the people of Dobrich”
“Just as in 2018 we were united and did not allow Dobrudja to be pierced and the granary to turn into a wasteland, so now we are ready to fight back.”

This was stated by the leader of Stand Up Bulgaria, Maya Manolova, during a meeting in General Toshevo, region. Dobrich for the extraction of gas in Dobruja.

The story dates back to 2018, when the entire municipality rose up in a general protest to oppose the extraction of gas. The general history of the formation and the people of General Toshevo in this battle led to the rejection of the eco-inspection, but after a long court procedure, the company that wants to extract gas in the area won in court and the problem for the people there is back on the agenda.

Against the background of the gas crisis caused by the war in Ukraine and based on the inadequate management of the Quadruple Coalition in relation to gas, the problem of gas extraction in Bulgaria’s granary will once again come to the surface.

The organized meeting was attended by people from the lists of Stand Up Bulgaria from Varna, Dobrich and Silistra, headed by Maya Manolova, as well as the chairman and one of the founders of the initiative committee against the extraction of gas in Dobrudja Atanas Atanasov.

“In this battle, Mrs. Manolova, in her role as an ombudsman, was the only one who supported us,” said Atanas Atanasov. He assured that, as it became clear during the public discussion held at the time, the risk to the environment is huge – the route passes through the only source of drinking water and the probability of stopping the water supply for the whole of northeastern Bulgaria is high.

The meeting also discussed the need for legislative changes to protect the valuable Dobruja land from pollution. Stand Up Bulgaria recalled that already in the first phase they drafted a bill that prohibits the extraction of gas in the most fertile parts of Bulgaria. While different opinions of lobbyists on the subject were clashing, Manolova clearly stated that she was calm, as she was convinced that people would not allow this. In a referendum held on the subject, 97% of citizens are against the extraction of gas in Dobrudja.

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