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The Invincibles lost the first nomination battle

The tribe of the Reserves faced the first council in “Games of the Will: Bulgaria”. In front of the presenter Ralitsa Pascaleva, the team unanimously nominated Ivan Mirchev due to an injury that does not allow him to continue in the game. Ivan left the show without an opportunity to join any of the three titular tribes.

In the Arena, the Invincibles, the Dauntless and the Superheroes engaged in a grueling nomination battle. The Dauntless had the advantage after Valerie’s victory in yesterday’s captain clash, and in the final they triumphed over the other tribes. An accident took Tsvetan out of the game, and when he returned, he injured his teammate Victoria. However, the Superheroes rallied and took second place. George’s delay in putting the puzzle together gave the Invincibles last place. Thus, they became the first to go to nominations this week.

Chakalov is the new addition to the Fearless tribe in “Games of the Will: Bulgaria”

Chakalov’s appearance as part of the Fearless in the Arena surprised the participants. He revealed that the rest of the Reserves were still in the game, which gave Elitsa hope that she could be reunited with her beloved Alexa. The Invincibles shared their desire to send away Kukov, whom they saw as a weak link, in order to fill out their tribe with a better competitor.

Earlier in the day, tensions with the Invincibles had reached their peak and the entire tribe had turned against Kukov. His peppery language openly provoked not only Gencho, but also Elitza, which affected his teammates. At the Residence, the coalition of the Dauntless continued, and the men planned strategies against the female part of the tribe.

First all-sea battle in “Games of the Will: Bulgaria”

Who will the Invincibles nominate? Will they send Kukov to an elimination duel? Will Philip be able to unite the men in the Dauntless tribe? Who will be the winner in the second nomination clash at the Arena? – find out tomorrow at 21:00 only on NOVA.

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