The children with food poisoning were in a dormitory at a school in Plovdiv

194 children from the sports school in Plovdiv ate chicken and pork yesterday in the chair yesterday.

As of last night, 65 of them are experiencing stomach problems, and at this time the doctors are still taking care of 10 children.

Health authorities are investigating the causes of what they call a “food explosion”.

Two hours after lunch in the chair, the children begin to vomit, get upset and have a headache.

“These students are not from Plovdiv, but live in the dormitory. Therefore, the practice in such cases is to turn to a medical facility”, said the director of SU “Vasil Levski” Ruzhka Genova.

10 of the children still require care and remain in hospital.

“At the moment, the children have improved and none of them are in a serious condition,” said Prof. Ivan Baltajiev from the infectious diseases clinic of the “St. George” UMBAL.

A crisis headquarters will look for the reasons for what happened. The food in the chair and the health status of its staff will be examined.

“At this stage, we cannot be definitive about who is the source of this food explosion,” said the director of the Regional Health Inspection – Plovdiv, Dr. Siika Dimcheva.

The incident comes just a day after the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency announced inspections of school cafeterias ahead of September 15.

However, the academic year in sports schools in the country begins on September 1.

Disinfection was carried out in the dormitory of the school today.

By Monday, the results of the examination for the reasons that led the children to this condition should be ready.

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