Don’t give in to your fears, there is hope

From Smolyan through Harmanli, Kardjali, Varna, Svishtov and Dobrich “We continue the change” see the way to a richer Bulgaria for all

Even higher pensions, an increase in the minimum wage that outpaces inflation, a functioning Anti-Corruption Commission, ensuring that money for infrastructure is not stolen – this vision for economic and regional development was shared by the team of “Continuing the change” in their meetings with the people from all over the country. PP list leaders and leaders spoke to citizens and businesses about local problems with national solutions.

“The whole of Northern Bulgaria is isolated because there is no Hemus highway either, because of the incompetence and past management of GERB,” Kiril Petkov clearly stated in Varna. He, together with Daniel Laurer and the candidate MPs from the list for Varna visited key places for the region, one of them being the place where the new industrial zone will be built.

“It is with great difficulty that we attract foreign and local investors with large-scale projects, precisely because there are no such zones. In the Sustainability and Development Plan, which our government created, significant funds are provided for the creation of industrial zones”, assured the leader of the list in Varna, Daniel Laurer.

With thunderous applause, the people of Varna welcomed Kiril Petkov’s request to continue the decisive fight against corruption and theft in the country. “Varna can be the economic engine of Northern Bulgaria.”

“It’s time to stop the incompetence and start planning real projects that will benefit both the local community and all the citizens of Varna and the district.” This was commented by Daniel Laurer during the visit to the fishing port “Karantina”.

“It could be the most modern along the Northern Black Sea coast. On October 2, we have to finish our work so that there is someone who really cares about Varna and the region”, said the former Minister of Innovation and Growth.

Regarding the long-awaited highways that will finally connect Varna with the rest of Bulgaria, Petkov stated that this would be achievable if the funds were spent transparently.

During the meeting in Dobrich, he added: “All the time we were afraid that 40% of the funds for regional construction would be stolen. Support us in order to have 121 votes after October 2 and control over the MRRD to work for this,” urged Petkov. According to him, there is money in the state, but four billion BGN are stolen every year.

Meanwhile, in Kardzhali, Asen Vassilev stated clearly: “Several things need to happen here. The most important thing is to make the ring road. The other important things are a highway, a high-speed railway and oil pipelines along the Alexandroupolis, Makasa, Burgas, Varna Constanta corridor.”

The leader of the list there, Nikola Minchev, was categorical during the meeting: “When the grip of the DPS is weakened, it will have an extremely beneficial effect on the region, and together we will find the solutions.”

During the tour in Harmanli on September 12, the former Minister of Finance, together with the leader of the list of “We continue the change” in the district Atanas Atanasov met with citizens and local entrepreneurs.

They also visited the emblematic area “Izvora na Belonogata”. The leaders pledged to continue the methodical work of restoring the spring. “It is a national treasure and must be restored. Mad bureaucracy won’t stop us.”

During his visit to Smolyan, Asen Vassilev congratulated the local Change team for exposing a scheme with a cleaning contract for 15 million. Michal Kambarev, leader of the list there, shared his observations that the fear of DPS and GERB observed so far is beginning to decrease. “Including in Borino, where Karadayi was born, we see very brave people who say – we are fed up with DPS, we no longer wish to be the poorest municipalities in Bulgaria.”

Asen Vasilev was categorical to the voters: “Until we all wake up and start working together, there is no way Change will happen.”

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