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On the first day of school, the new issue of “Maritsa” will again intrigue you with current topics and special interviews. Convince yourself of the highlights:

Roommates by choice: Schools share cleaning and bills

“Big house with two families. We have to move and come to an agreement.” This is how the director of Plovdiv’s “St. Kliment Ohridski” SU, Zdravko Dimitrov, describes the start of the new school year. As of today, the school shares a building with students from “Dusho Hadzydekov” Primary School, whose roof burned down. Several other schools under the hills are also in such an extraordinary coexistence this fall.

In addition to the school that survived the fire, relocation was also necessary for the graduates of schools whose renovation was delayed under the “Growing Regions” OP. PG in household appliances is exported to Mekhanot. The students from the National Commercial High School are allocated to the Thracian SU “Sofroniy Vrachanski” and St. Sevens”.

The school year begins in a van for Dancho and Iliana

The school year will begin in a van for eighth-grader from Trilistnik Jordan Jundrin and his sister Iliana, who will be in the 5th grade. The family was one of the worst affected in the village after the flood in early September. The wave of water and mud washed away part of their home, including the children’s room, which the family had made and decorated with great desire a few years ago.

Now the family of four is housed in two vans placed in the yard of their ruined house. In one, Dancho and Iliana are accommodated and will perform the functions of a children’s room. However, the only furniture for the two students in the small room of the van are two corner beds and a table donated by friends

Drama with school uniforms – one blouse for the price of two, and they are out of stock

High prices for school uniforms and the lack of them on the stands heated up passions before the start of the school year. He scolded parents and manufacturers, raised again the question of whether it is necessary for children to go to school in the same clothes.

After the democracy once again crossed out the uniforms from the Soviet Union, they were first restored in Plovdiv – in the Mathematics High School. Over the years, more and more schools have started introducing them. The decision to require a particular dress or item of dress is made by each school. The motive of the principals is that in this way belonging to the school community is created and resolved the problem of bare navels and the competition of who has more expensive and branded clothes.

The oil base of Grisha Ganchev is being sold for over BGN 28 million.

Part of the huge oil base in Plovdiv, related to the businessman Grisha Ganchev, will be auctioned for over BGN 28 million. Due to the indebtedness of the company “Petrol-Sever” EOOD, which owns the property, a private bailiff announced a public sale for 67.51% ideal parts of the impressive property on Vasil Levski Street in Karshiyaka.

The auction is divided into two parts. It will be auctioned for 28 buildings, on 58,600 square meters, and the starting price for them is BGN 7,044,362.86.

Separately, there will be an auction for another 19 buildings, located on 197,754 square meters, for which the bidding will start from BGN 21,313,510.32. If a buyer appears, it will become clear on September 27.

12 students from Sports in Infectious

A total of 65 children and two teachers from the Sports School in Plovdiv showed symptoms of food poisoning. This is what the director of the Regional Health Inspection in the city under the hills, Dr. Siika Dimcheva, said about “Maritsa”. The complaints started as early as noon on Tuesday. Initially, several children with severe abdominal pains sought medical attention. Given that they were isolated cases, the doctors did not guess what exactly it was about. In the evening, however, the number of patients increased. The director of the school, Ruzhka Genova, was notified of the situation, and she, in turn, filed a report with the competent authorities. Thus, yesterday morning, teams of the Regional Health Inspection and the Food Safety Agency were sent to the school, which should establish the cause of the manifested symptoms and answer the question of whether it is food poisoning.

The streets in the flooded villages will be rebuilt within three weeks

Electricity has been restored to the homes of people from the flooded villages. Work is also underway to restore the street lighting. Within three weeks, streets, infrastructure, bridges and river gorges will be cleaned and restored.

This was stated by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev at the beginning of the government meeting. “In the flood-affected villages, they need people to help them start their lives cleanly and not wade through mud when entering their homes.

Every autumn we will give a covid vaccine

The fight against the coronavirus will not end in a year or two, but will continue for a long time, and vaccination against it will become seasonal, as it is with the flu. This was explained by Academician Bogdan Petrunov. He recommended that every fall, along with the flu vaccine, an adapted vaccine against the coronavirus should be given.

Bulgaria received the first adapted vaccines, which have been developed against the different variants of the coronavirus, and in particular “Omicron” and its sub-variants, as stated by the Ministry of Health.

He explained that the vaccines are not intended for booster immunization, “people must have gone through the entire vaccination stage”.

DANS saw the hand of the Kremlin in our country in energy, media and elections

Russia is trying to directly influence the processes in the energy sector and in the elections in our country, and the propaganda is developed through the media and a number of organizations. These are some of the main conclusions of the DANS annual report for 2021, in which for the first time the domestic counterintelligence indicates the Kremlin’s attempts at direct intervention.

The report was approved by the caretaker government, and the unclassified part of it is now public. It is specified that in the second half of the year, Moscow begins a large-scale hybrid campaign to stop NATO’s eastward expansion and preserve Russian influence in neighboring countries. There are attempts to influence state, military, educational and religious institutions, the media, the counter-intelligence officers note. The Russian agents paid particular attention to energy.

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