Three criminal decrees were issued in August by RIOSV

Three criminal decrees were issued in August by RIOSV
Three criminal decrees were issued in August by RIOSV

Three criminal decrees with a total value of BGN 17,000 were issued in August by the Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water in V. Tarnovo. During the period, 4 acts were drawn up for established administrative violations, and one of the acts was for non-fulfilment of given prescriptions. An agreement was concluded under the Law on Administrative Violations and Penalties worth BGN 1,400.
In August, RISW experts carried out 97 inspections of 95 objects on the territory of Veliko Tarnovska and Gabrovo regions. Of these, 59 are scheduled inspections and 38 are unscheduled. 13 prescriptions were issued within the scope of the control carried out.
The total sums collected under sanctions imposed from previous periods are BGN 5,087. Of these, BGN 4,070 have been distributed and transferred to the respective municipalities on whose territory the sanctioned sites are located. The municipalities that received the largest revenues from imposed sanctions are V. Tarnovo Municipality (BGN 1,600) and Svishtov Municipality (BGN 1,600).
In the past month, unregulated pollution was cleaned in the lands of the villages of Mladen, Blagoevo and Vinograd. Mindya City Hall must organize the cleaning of an unregulated dump in the village area by September 30, the ecoinspection specifies.
In August, reports from citizens about odors from fertilization with manure on land in the lands of the villages of Ledenik, Momin Sbor, Golemani and Michaltsi were reported by citizens, which were forwarded under the competence of the Regional Agency for Food Safety.
4 inspections were carried out in the neighborhoods of V. Tarnovo following reports from citizens about fumes and a sweet smell of glue, a sharp, suffocating smell and stinging of the eyes and the presence of fog from the activities of “Kronoshpan Bulgaria” EOOD. Two of the inspections are joint with representatives of the V. Tarnovo Municipality and the company. Checks are in a different time range. The presence of a characteristic smell of wood and smokiness, the source of which is the volatile organic compounds released from the two discharge devices to the drying installations of the chipboard production line and the MDF production line managed by the plant, indicated by RIOSV.
Checks were also carried out following reports of dead fish in the waters of the Yantra River in V. Tarnovo. The results obtained from the on-site measured values ​​of the water quality indicators indicate a lack of oxygen.
Following reports from citizens, six birds of the White Stork (4), Osoyad (1) and Great Hawk (1) species were sent for treatment and follow-up care to the Wildlife Rescue Center in Stara Zagora.


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