The death of Elizabeth II gave birth to a market for “royal” attributes in Bulgaria

The death of Elizabeth II gave birth to a market for “royal” attributes in Bulgaria
The death of Elizabeth II gave birth to a market for “royal” attributes in Bulgaria

The death of Queen Elizabeth II changes many of the symbols of Great Britain. Banknotes, stamps, post boxes – everything that used to bear the face of the Queen must now bear the face of King Charles III. However, all items associated with the Queen will not simply lose their value, but gain a new one for the simple reason that they remain in the history of the monarchy.

Anything bearing the face of Elizabeth II can currently be found at auctions and private sale sites. The market in Bulgaria does not give in to the trend at all and in unison of the historical moment, it exploded with hundreds of offers for the purchase of items with the image of the late queen or items that she allegedly touched.

Major items on native second-hand sites are coins bearing the face of Elizabeth II. Among them there are coins that were in circulation, jubilee coins, as well as collector’s coins – made of precious metals. By the way, gold coins with the face of the Queen are currently traded en masse by the dealers of investment gold.

One of the expensive coins on the market is the British two pence coin. Its obverse features the profile of Queen Elizabeth II from the coin’s launch on 15 February 1971, the year the British currency was decimated. Although it is a circulating coin, it is considered to have a small number of coins and are considered collectible. The price for which they are sold on our market is BGN 2,500.

Among the investment coins, the silver coin with a weight of 1000 g stands out. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is depicted on the value side of the silver coin. The inscription “ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA” is stamped on the edge above. Below the portrait is described the fine weight and purity, the year of issue and the denomination: “1 KG 999 SILVER, 2011, 30 DOLLARS”. The design side of the coin shows a baby bunny with its mother, recreating the “Year of the Rabbit” 2011 on the Chinese calendar. The inscription on the right is the Chinese character for “Rabbit”. The price of the coin is BGN 2,500.

A gold medal, which weighs about 30 grams and was awarded for merits in the field of history and science in 1891 by Trinity College in Dublin, is traded for 5,000 BGN. The obverse of the medal features a bust of Queen Elizabeth I, and the reverse features the coat of arms of the University, the name of the awardee and the year of award. It is advertised that the medal is named and accordingly unique in the world.

Among the auctions are hundreds of stamps with Elizabeth’s face, as well as photos from her childhood. There are also interesting items such as a silver cup engraved with the date of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. A branded porcelain tray is also available from the same event.

Similar events from world history, related to world-famous personalities, become the occasion for the creation of many forgeries. Meanwhile, however, the black market for exchanging valuable artifacts also abounds with authentic items. However, for people without specific knowledge, it is almost impossible to distinguish originals from mints.

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