Burgas helps those affected by the water disaster in Karlovsko

Burgas helps those affected by the water disaster in Karlovsko
Burgas helps those affected by the water disaster in Karlovsko

Burgas will provide financial assistance in the amount of BGN 25,000 for the restoration of flood damage in Karlovo. This was decided by the Municipal Council of Burgas at its meeting today, reported a reporter of “Focus Agency”.

Vasil Ivanov from the BSP group proposed that the amount be increased to BGN 50,000, which was not accepted. Antonio Dushepeev from GERB countered that the amount of BGN 25,000 was proposed after an analysis of the Municipality’s budget. “This is not a social auction in order for someone to stand out with their proposal. There are also people living in Burgas Municipality who have needs, have problems to solve, which are related to expenses from the municipal budget,” he said. “Don’t turn the debate into a gypsy wedding, these are the possibilities. At the moment, parent meetings are being held in schools and many of the classes are deciding that instead of bouquets and gifts, the funds should go to the victims,” ​​said municipal representative Stanimir Apostolov.

“Send us healthy people, we can’t get into our houses. Volunteers have decreased, they need people to help,” Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov joined the debate.

We remind you that in the first days of September, the disaster struck the municipality of Karlovo and caused significant material damage. “Dozens of families have been injured, many buildings have been damaged, damage has been done to the infrastructure on the streets of the populated areas of Karlovo municipality – the village of Bogdan, the village of Slatina, the village of Karavelovo, the village of Voynyagovo, the village of Stoletovo, the village of Rozino, with Hristo Danovo and the village of Dabene. The flooding caused by the heavy and incessant rains led to destruction in these settlements. Hundreds of Bulgarian households lost their homes and belongings in an instant. The material damage is enormous, and people do not see a way out of this situation .

The Municipality of Burgas cannot be indifferent to the tragedy that has befallen the local population and it is necessary to get involved with financial assistance to restore the damage caused by the flood.

Undoubtedly, the granting of financial aid will help to ensure the life and health of the injured citizens and is in the protection of particularly important public interests, which conditions the assumption of preliminary implementation of the present decision”, are the reasons of the report note.

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