Renovation of the notorious potholed “5th” street in Zlatitrap has begun

  • People have been waiting for the repair for decades, embraced the mayor of the “Rodopi” municipality, Plamen Mihailov

“It was our street’s turn as well. Thank you for your support, because for so many years we are used to seeing only patches of holes, some of which have turned into pits”, shared the people of Zlatitrap with the mayor of the municipality “Rhodopi” Pavel Mihailov. Together with the mayor of the village Anelia Ulanova, the deputy mayor Emilia Ivanova and the municipal councilor Hristo Sedmakov, he started the repair works.

The street is more than a kilometer long, but it is in a deplorable condition, although it is the main and main one for the inhabitants of Zlatitrap. The repair cost nearly half a million BGN.

Residents of the village of Zlatitrap showered their gratitude on the mayor of the “Rodopi” municipality, Pavel Mihailov, who opened the beginning of the renovation of “5th” street in the village. The reconstruction of the road section has been awaited by the people for decades.

“I feel satisfied because I see how happy people are. We will continue to fix problems and put more effort into improving the infrastructure of all settlements in the Rhodopi municipality, although sometimes this happens more slowly than we would like,” said Mayor Pavel Mihailov.

The repair will not hinder the passage of cars, assured the construction company. It is carried out with funds from the municipal budget.


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