3300 first graders cross the school threshold for the first time in Plovdiv

3300 first graders will cross the school threshold in Plovdiv today for the first time. 192 schools are opening their doors in the entire district. In only 14 of them, repairs will continue even after the first bell, but this will not interfere with the educational process.

A total of 54,246 students will cross the threshold of schools in Plovdiv, which is 500 more than last year.

The mayor of Plovdiv, Zdravko Dimitrov, will open the school year at “Patriarch Evtimiy” Secondary School.

Zdravko Dimitrov on September 15: Dear teachers and parents, Your responsibility is great!The mayor of Plovdiv with a speech on the occasion of the beginning of the school year

Nearly 717,000 are all the students who will study in the new school year throughout the country.

The school year begins in person in all 2,347 schools in the country, and there is a readiness to switch to distance learning if necessary.

The Ministry of Education and Science states that all educational institutions are ready for September 15 and that measures have been taken to protect the health of children and students.

Disinfectants, hot water are 100 percent provided, and additional measures have been taken to reduce the risk of infections.

A total of 46 educational institutions from 14 regions will open the school year in other buildings, the most common reason for this being ongoing renovations. Among them are 18 schools from 9 regions of the country.

The students of both schools that suffered fires in Plovdiv will also start the school year normally:

After the fire: The students from SU “Nayden Gerov” started the school year without any problemsThere is no damage to the school building

With the speed of light: They are building a new roof at Dusho Hadzydekov Elementary SchoolBy the end of the month, the building becomes habitable again

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