Will Bulgaria continue to collapse in the inequality rankings?

And vice versa – the greater the concentration of income in the richest, the more social and political division there is in society. The more the middle class impoverishes and disappears, the more unstable democracy is and grows into an oligarchy. And the oligarchy buys everything – politicians, judicial system, media and finally the state itself.

Let’s look at how the share in GDP of the top 20% of the population by income has changed after 2010. Graph 1 clearly shows that, unlike Romania, where the share of the richest has slightly decreased, in Bulgaria it is increasing, which in absolute terms, it means that the incomes of the top 20% increase by BGN 10 billion per year, i.e. with about 7% of GDP.

Graph 2 shows the dynamics of the well-known “Gini” coefficient, which measures the degree of uneven income distribution and ranges between 0% (everyone receives the same income) to 100% (all income is received by one person). Here we also see the deepening income inequality in Bulgaria compared to Romania and especially to Croatia, which entered after us and is already a member of the Eurozone. Even Serbia, without the EU, managed to break this unfavorable development.

And the most important: after 2010, Bulgaria was gradually overtaken by Serbia and even Albania in the UN Human Development Index. That is, the national drama is no longer that we are last in the EU, but whether we will not be last in the Balkans as well.

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