161 years since the birth of Gen. Ivan Kolev’s birthday today – 2022.09.15 – Others

161 years since the birth of Gen. Ivan Kolev’s birthday today – 2022.09.15 – Others
161 years since the birth of Gen. Ivan Kolev’s birthday today – 2022.09.15 – Others

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Various assumptions have been made in the historical literature about the year of birth of Lieutenant General Ivan Kolev – 1861 or 1863, without, however, citing specific archival documents confirming or denying one or the other hypothesis. Naturally, such can be very difficult to find in our archives, since the general was born outside the borders of Bulgaria, in the Bessarabian village of Banovka. During the construction of his monument in the city of Dobrich in 2016, 1863 was accepted as more authoritative, but without making it clear why (perhaps because it is more popular and more often used in historical literature). Before long, it became clear that this was the wrong move.

For the final clarification of this question, two historians – Ch. expert Georgi Lukov from DVIA – Veliko Tarnovo and ch. expert Radoslav Simeonov from the Ministry of Defense, decided to review the available archival material and put an end to any speculations and possible errors regarding the year of birth of the famous Bulgarian cavalryman. As the most reliable sources of information, they perceive the “Lists of officers in actual service” published periodically in the Kingdom of Bulgaria. There are brief biographical data for each of them – from the lieutenant to the general.

As an active Bulgarian officer, Ivan Kolev is no exception and his name appears in these lists. But the two historians discovered something very interesting – in the lists up to 1908, only 1863 was indicated as his year of birth. But in the 1908 list, it was corrected to 1861, and in all lists from then on, it was only that. It is this discrepancy that explains why these two years have so far been circulating in historical literature as his potential birth years, but no one has bothered to trace why this is so.

The most likely hypothesis is that Ivan Kolev himself intervened in 1908, informing the editorial board of the publication that a mistake had been made regarding his year of birth. And so it happened, in 1908 the error was corrected, and from now on, only 1861 was indicated as the year of birth of Ivan Kolev.

The information was provided by the historian Radoslav Simeonov

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