24,366 children start school in Burgas today, 2,000 are the first-years

24,366 children start school in Burgas today, 2,000 are the first-years
24,366 children start school in Burgas today, 2,000 are the first-years

2000 are the first graders who will cross the school threshold in Burgas for the first time this year. For comparison, last year there were 1996 first-timers, and in 2020 – 1867.

With them, the total number of students in the municipality of Burgas will be 24,366, with 24,144 in 2021 and 23,992 in 2020.

The Municipality of Burgas has prepared a surprise for the youngest students this year as well. On the first day of school, in addition to the primer and textbooks, they will receive 2,000 reflective vests to protect them on the way to school and a card with wishes for the first day of school from Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

“This is a way to raise the attention of drivers to keep children on the road. I also call on parents to put on their children’s vests every time they take them to and from school,” said Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

In just two days, first-graders in Burgas will enter 87 classrooms, which were completely renovated and technologically equipped this summer during the implementation of the fourth, final stage of the municipal program “First-Class Start”.

From the beginning until now, the Municipality of Burgas has provided a modern educational environment in a total of 360 classrooms in over 33 schools, including modern furniture and equipment, tablets, interactive panels and the development of new educational software and new interactive methods for working in class.

In addition, for the last four years of the program, 380 teachers have been qualified to teach with the specially developed teaching content and new teaching methods.

The Municipality of Burgas is gradually renovating the sports fields in the schoolyards. Thus, in the last few years, the sports spaces at the “Elin Pelin” Elementary School, “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, AEG “Geo Milev”, OU “Lyuben Karavelov”, OU “Peyo K. Yavorov”, PGSI “Peño Penev”.

The construction of 4 more new sports grounds is pending in “Episkop Konstantin Preslavski” Secondary School, “Anton Strashimirov” Primary School, “Lyuben Karavelov” Primary School and “Goethe” Primary School, approved under the program for the construction and major repair of sports grounds in state and municipal schools.

Apart from them, within days SU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” and the Vocational High School of Mechano-Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

The Municipality of Burgas also has ready projects for new school buildings of the Mathematical and French High School, the Vasil Aprilov Elementary School and the school in the Sarafovo quarter, for the realization of which it will continue to seek support from the state.

In order for the schools to be fully ready for the beginning of the new school year, the mayor Dimitar Nikolov ordered the directors of the children’s and educational institutions to secure access to them by conducting a comprehensive inspection of the buildings entrusted to them, the adjacent courtyards and sports spaces, and the condition of the road markings and the footpaths around them.

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