Morales: I’m sure that Botev Vratsa will be stronger than last season – BG Football – efbet Liga

Morales: I’m sure that Botev Vratsa will be stronger than last season – BG Football – efbet Liga
Morales: I’m sure that Botev Vratsa will be stronger than last season – BG Football – efbet Liga

The returned head of Botev Vratsa – Daniel Morales, gave his first interview to the club media after his return to “Hristo Botev”.

– Mr. Morales, after less than a year you are returning to Botev again. With what ambitions?

– I want Botev to play better football than my first stay in Vratsa. We must have a balance of nice and aggressive play and above all play in unison with the club’s motto – With Botevska volia, With Botevska spirit! There is potential in the team, which we will try to develop in the best possible way. I am happy that the management of Botev extended an invitation to me to return and I will work hard for the team to win.

– How long did it take you to make the decision to return?

– This is a challenge that is not thought about much. Yes, I had an active commitment to the third team of CSKA 1948. I want to thank the management of the club for their agreement to let me return to Botev.

– What did the team management manage to convince you with?

– The management of Botev Vratsa showed me that there are plans in the long-term aspect for the development of the team. Every manager wants the team to play well and win. They have attracted good footballers who have the potential to play good football. I see that Botev is undergoing development and I want to be a part of this process.

– Can you introduce the team you will be working with?

– I will work with the team I worked with during the previous stay. Radoslav Boyanov will be my assistant coach, and Julian Levashki will take care of the team’s goalkeepers.

– What do you find different here now compared to the previous stay?

– There is a difference. It is mostly with the players I have. If you remember at the beginning of last year, we had a lot of young players to start the League One campaign with. We started well, accumulated victories, but for one reason or another, at a later stage, the results began to “run away”. Now there are quite a few experienced footballers, and also many foreigners. Of course I will continue to follow the line of forcing young Bulgarian footballers from the club’s academy when they show that they are ready for the first team. There are enough talents to learn from the more experienced players.

– I assume you have had the opportunity to watch the team’s matches so far. What makes the strongest impression?

– Yes, I follow the matches of our championship and I have watched almost all of Botev’s matches. We must say that the team had the opportunity to win more points, and in some matches luck was not on our side. I really hope that changes.

– Do you expect Botev to be stronger than last year?

– If I didn’t expect him to be stronger, I wouldn’t be here. Of course, this is my desire, as well as the desire of the management. I do not expect, but I am sure, that the team will be stronger.

– A match against Heber is coming up, which is very important. What are the expectations for him?

– Indeed, this match is important, because for us the three points are mandatory. Botev has accumulated several losses in a row and we need to get out of this situation very quickly. Heber is a team that is also being built on the fly. They also have experienced foreigners, an Italian coach, but they also have their weak points, which we must use in the best way. I am sure that we will manage and please the audience with the three points in Sofia.

– What would you say to Botev’s fans?

– I want to thank them for the support they gave me last year. I also promise them that I will do my best for Botev and work to bring smiles to their faces. We need their support, and when they are in the stadium it is easier for the players too.

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