Ivaylo Mirchev: “Lustration” is needed in the special services

Ivaylo Mirchev: “Lustration” is needed in the special services
Ivaylo Mirchev: “Lustration” is needed in the special services

“We need a severe reform in the services, including lustration”, Ivaylo Mirchev, who is the leader of the lists of “Democratic Bulgaria” in the 2nd MIR Burgas and in the 18th MIR Razgrad, told TV+. He specified that it is not about lustration for dependence on the totalitarian Bulgarian services, but about officers who may have been penetrated by foreign intelligence after 1990.

“However, drastic changes should not be made, and in the next National Assembly we must prepare a specific bill and methods on how to carry out such a dependency check,” said Mirchev. He recalled that at a closed meeting of the National Assembly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the deputies heard absurd things from our services against the background of what actually happened. According to him, Bulgaria’s Euro-Atlantic partners are ready to help, but when a service is breached, it receives limited information from partner services.

“The attitude of some of our services towards Russian influence is not serious”, Mirchev also said and reminded that on the second day of the invasion, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov declared that Ukraine would fall in a matter of days and assumed that he had been misled by our services because policymakers base their decisions on their data and assessments. “If the prime minister searches for something based on information from the services, what do we do? Have they been hacked and are they giving deliberately false reports?” asked Mirchev.

He also commented on the annual report of DANS for 2021, according to which Bulgaria is the object of systematic intelligence interest from Russia. “If we carefully read the DANS report, and from my experience and that of my colleagues from closed parliamentary sessions and from reading documents in a secret registry of the National Assembly, we can draw conclusions that a lot has been invested and that this is a price that will we are still paying for a long time”, said Mirchev.

Regarding the published information from the American intelligence that in the last 8 years Russia has spent at least 300 million dollars to influence politicians from 24 countries, Mirchev commented: “300 million dollars is only the tip of the iceberg, this is probably the amount , which went to two Balkan countries”. According to him, even with the naked eye one can see what sums the Kremlin invests in Bulgaria in parties, journalists, etc. Mirchev stated that as an IT entrepreneur it is obvious to him that the most openly Russophile party in our country uses troll farms for influence on Facebook. “A huge resource is being used for digital marketing and creating a false impression of a real audience,” he said.

Mirchev called on the leader of GERB, Boyko Borisov, to give answers to the questions that “Democratic Bulgaria” has been asking for a long time about the construction of the so-called Balkan stream: why it was built in only 11 months and with BGN 3 billion at the expense of the Bulgarian taxpayer, while the gas connection with Greece, which is three times shorter, was built for 12 years and was even put under a dam, only and only to slow down in favor of the Balkan Stream.

When asked who should investigate the case, Mirchev answered that it is the work of the National Security Agency and the Prosecutor’s Office – as long as they are willing. He specified that if there is corruption, such money is usually given through offshore companies and passes through several owners on the territory of different countries. “Borisov must answer, because it may turn out at some point that someone from Russia will speak, especially in the difficult situation in which it is now,” warned Ivaylo Mirchev.

According to a politician from “Democratic Bulgaria”, Bulgaria’s history with “Gazprom” is over and there can be no further steps, even though the official cabinet made a serious turn towards Russia. “I strongly hope that the Bulgarian president, who has announced the government, will not make similar turns, because this could be disastrous for our country,” warned Mirchev.

He sees an evolution, albeit belated, in the positions of presidential advisers. “Democratic Bulgaria” has been explaining from the very beginning that the price crisis will end when Putin ends the war. We were talking about exchanging our weapons through Poland for Ukraine with Western ones, and the president’s military advisers were saying the opposite. Now the military minister, who was the head of the president’s office, is already of our opinion”, said Mirchev. And he emphasized that “the Bulgarian president must defend the Bulgarian national interest”.

The candidate-deputy confirmed the position of “Democratic Bulgaria” that the state should take over the operational control of the “Lukoil Neftohim Burgas” refinery, as several EU countries have done. “Through Litasco, standing at the entrance and exit of the refinery, Lukoil earns BGN 200-250 million per month from us, and this money can be returned to the people and fuel at gas stations can become cheaper,” he added. Ivaylo Mirchev.

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