The team of victory: BSP raises the strongest list, combining professionalism, experience and youth

The team of victory: BSP raises the strongest list, combining professionalism, experience and youth
The team of victory: BSP raises the strongest list, combining professionalism, experience and youth

The victory team – that’s what the socialists in Shumen called their candidates for people’s representatives, convinced that the strong list will certainly guarantee them deputies in the new parliament, and the left will again participate in the next government to be a social guarantor of the Bulgarians.

In the 30th MIR Shumen, the “BSP for Bulgaria” coalition is going to the elections with a full list of 12 candidates, which combines the power of experience and the audacity of youth. The representatives of the left are highly educated experts, proven and authoritative professionals, rightly defined as the winning team. The average age of BSP candidates is an impressive 42 years, with four under the age of 35. The Red Bulletin has covered almost the entire spectrum of professions – lawyers, IT specialists, educators, entrepreneurs who will ensure expertise in decision-making.

The leader of the lists is Ivan Ivanov, master of history from SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Master of Laws from VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”. Doctor of History and Doctor of Science in Information Process Management. He has legal experience as a legal consultant and lawyer, and administrative experience as a municipal councilor. Deputy in 6 consecutive National Assemblies, as well as Minister of Agriculture in the coalition government with the participation of “BSP for Bulgaria” with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. He speaks English, German and Russian. Married, with two children. Ivan Ivanov is 47 years old.

In second place in the list is Ivan Ganchev. He is a lawyer by education, speaks German and English. He held the positions of Chairman of the Municipal Council – Novi Pazar, Chairman of the Local Initiative Group Novi Pazar – Kaspichan. Member of Parliament in the 47th National Assembly.

In third place is Dr. Alexander Gorchev. Historian by education, with many years of experience in the field not only of history, but also of politics. He was deputy mayor for two terms and mayor of Veliki Preslav municipality for two terms. He is currently a municipal councilor and director of the Historical Museum in Veliki Preslav. Member of the BSP Executive Bureau, chairman of the BSP municipal council in Veliki Preslav.

In fourth place is Todor Todorov. He is an economist by education, works as a farmer. Municipal councilor in Kaspichan from the BSP list for Bulgaria.

In fifth place is Evgenia Leopoldova. She is a member of the municipal organization of the BSP – Shumen, a philologist by education, regional director of an insurance company.

In sixth place is Pavel Karaivanov, 44 years old, married, with one child. Member of the BSP since 2010. Member of the municipal council of the BSP, one term municipal councilor from the BSP. He currently works as a civil servant at IARA. His personal motto is: Brave, hardworking and honest!

In seventh place is Svetoslava Borisova, a member of the BSP in the municipality of Hitrino. He has been working as a community center secretary for the past 20 years.

In eighth place is Ayan Mehmedov, a member of the BSP in Novi Pazar. Married, with one child. Undergraduate student majoring in law. He works in the municipality of Novi Pazar as a municipal property specialist. Cultural figure, actor in the municipal theater troupe “Melport”, awarded with numerous national and international awards. Chairman of the youth association of the BSP in the Shumen region.

In ninth place is Daniela Pencheva. A hereditary socialist, he is a member of the municipal organization of the BSP – Shumen. He is a preschool teacher by education and profession and works as a senior teacher in a kindergarten in Shumen.

In tenth place is Daniel Donchev. He is 30 years old, from Shumen. Member of the BSP youth organization – Shumen. Specialized in the field of 3D design, he is professionally engaged in modeling products for the economy. “By supporting my candidacy, you are giving your vote for the future of Bulgaria and for young people to stay and develop professionally here,” says Donchev during his meetings with residents of Shumen.

In 11th place is Danail Kostadinov. He is 27 years old, from Shumen. He graduated from the vocational high school in mechanical engineering with a specialty in “transport electrical equipment” and works in a transport company. Member of the BSP youth organization – Shumen. He continued his education in the specialty “Computer systems and cyber security” at the Shumen Military Faculty of the National Military University “V. Levski”.

In the 12th place in the list is Stefan Zhivkov, mayor of the village of Tsarev Brod for the last quarter of a century. It’s hard to say a little about Stefan without saying everything, say people who know him. As mayor, he has been dealing with human life from birth to death and everything accompanying it during that time for 25 years. Engineer by education, mayor by profession. He is a candidate for a national representative for the first time.

The BSP candidates have a short and clear message to their fellow citizens: By supporting the BSP, you will support the recalculation of pensions, free textbooks for all students, free medicine for children up to 14 years old, an increase in the minimum wage to BGN 850, the introduction of a tax-free minimum on income and many other priorities of the left, which are a guarantee for a social and secure state!

For a social and safe country with number 28!

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