Who are the most sought-after IT specialists in our country in September?

The demand for IT talent continues to gain strength in our country. It is in this sector that more and more jobs are offered. According to a survey of DEV.BG’s Job Board, there has been a significant increase of nearly 44% in companies that offer an abundance of career opportunities on the platform.

Here are the most in-demand positions in the IT sector in early September 2022.

Currently, exactly 1,150 of those employers from Sofia, Varna, Rousse, Burgas and Plovdiv are looking for employees for projects related to the development of various products and services, implementation of software systems and IT consulting.

Development positions are most in demand

The number of new jobs announced on the platform is 4,470. Development positions registered an increase of nearly 10% compared to November this year, as a result of the greater variety of projects. Next are DevOps/SysAdmin/Security and PM/BA roles, where the demand for specialists remains without significant differences.

With the advent of some new technologies such as AI, there has been an increase in the demand for Data Science professionals, and positions for QA experts to monitor the quality of innovative end products continue to be sought without significant change from last year.

Backend continues to be the most common word on DEV.BG’s Job Board — over 36% of all ads and over 52% of developer ads. Frontend Development is in second place in demand, and the third place is occupied by Fullstack Development experts. They are followed by Mobile Development and ERP/CRM Development talents.

What are the most sought after programming languages

Java remains the undisputed leader, followed by .NET and PHP. In the Backend Development segment, all languages ​​saw a slight increase in demand except for Ruby and Go.

In JavaScript, all popular frameworks continue to be relevant, led by React, followed by Angular and Vue.js.

DevOps professionals continue to be most in demand in the Infrastructure segment (just over half of the postings), again followed by SysAdmin roles. The third place in September is occupied by Database engineers, which is not surprising given the rise of Big Data and the need for companies to make decisions based on accurate data. IT Security experts rank fourth.

In the field of Quality Assurance, the situation remains unchanged — employers continue to actively seek both Automation QA specialists and Manual QA experts.

The ratio of roles by seniority in organizations has also changed over the past nine months. Junior/intern (starter) positions increased and reached 7.8% of all listings on the platform, with 18% of them offering the option to work remotely.

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This is not a new trend, but the platform expects it to intensify given the shortage of candidates with the necessary skills, while companies will certainly continue to look for Regular and Senior talent.

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