For Independence, the “Cavalry” in Tarnovo are being strengthened in an emergency for unprecedented 3D mapping with drones

For Independence, the “Cavalry” in Tarnovo are being strengthened in an emergency for unprecedented 3D mapping with drones
For Independence, the “Cavalry” in Tarnovo are being strengthened in an emergency for unprecedented 3D mapping with drones
  • 10 days a sculptor climber has to deal with 60,000 bolts that fasten the cladding of the 33-meter peak of the Asenevtsi Monument
  • Ropes made of samurai sword steel hold the 17-ton bronze figures
  • A laparoscopic examination will then reveal if there are problems with the structure from the inside
  • Pencho Kubadinski chose the place of the monument with a phaser model in real size

Ten days is the time for which the Tarnovo sculptor Denislav Sirakov – alone on a 39-meter-tall tower – must strengthen the 33-meter sword of the Asenevtsi Monument in Veliko Tarnovo. From the monument with the four horsemen, erected 37 years ago for 800 years since the uprising of Peter and Assen,

about 300 bolts missing. They hold 200-kilogram sheets of rolled brass,

covering the majestic peak in the center.

The risky high-altitude operation is required to realize a spectacular 3D mapping show for Independence in the stunning Turnovo amphitheater. It gathers thousands of spectators in the old throne amphitheater towards Yantra and the Boruna Peninsula. This year, 100 drones will participate in the spectacle “The Greatness of Asenevtsi”, which will write figures in the sky, the municipality announced.

The Horsemen, as the iconic monument is known, and the Art Gallery are at the center of the plot of lights, lasers, animation, pyro effects, music. If the elements of the sword were not strengthened, the monument would have to be closed because it could succumb to the blasts and vibrations.

“We have been examining the monument for 4 years, with the late Deputy Mayor for Culture Gancho Karabadjakov. We have found that missing rivets are increasing. The current deputy mayor, Neiko Genchev, took to heart the need for the repair, because I told him that the strengthening was absolutely imperative – he would not have survived the winter that way”, said Denislav Sirakov.

The sword itself is made of 1700 brass sheets, inside there is also a metal structure that is like a skeleton to trap these elements.

“There are slabs that are left literally without rivets,

because in the rush to make the bolts were overtightened and they broke. There are 60 thousand bolts that we will actually secure. Where there are missing – we will replace them. At least another 50 years to live”, explains the mountaineer sculptor.

To begin the repair,

went to the author of the composition Prof. Krum Damyanov,

he forwarded them to the co-author in the creative team Prof. Ivan Slavov. “He took us to the engineer himself, who made the spade – Emil Kostov. He participated in the design of the Buzludzha Plateau and facilities on the “Hemus” highway through Vitinia. He died a week ago at the age of 92, but he explained to me the structure, how it was made, how it was raised and how we should repair it”, says the sculptor.

Drawings of the monument were also found in the municipality, which confirmed the explanations of the elderly designer. He also revealed to them that

it is a special anti-earthquake assembly

In the blocks under each figure, made of Bulgarian granite from Chernomorets, very large holes are drilled and lead plates are placed inside. These slabs, after the plinth is in place, are pressed with a 200-ton press, which crushes the lead, and thus a steel cable is tensioned as for a bridge. In reality, the figures, which are made of bronze and weigh up to 17 tons, are held on a thick rope each,” explains Sirakov.

Among the secrets of the Asenevtsi Monument is that

the entire site below it is a kind of underground parking lot

with technical infrastructure. It was used during the construction, but then it is closed and there is no access.

“They didn’t have any time during the construction, they were in a big hurry, the late engineer Kostov told us. They first made it from a 1:1 phaser and set it up as a model, and Pencho Kubadinski and his people watched from the old part of the city. The project was supposed to stand in the area of ​​the old military school on the site of the regional administration building. However, he doesn’t like the location and says, “Put it here!” He approves it and from the approval to the opening they have three months”, reports Denislav Sirakov.

In the 1980s, however, there was no crane large enough to lift the sword.

They brought a secret military crane from Kozloduy NPP

and with it they installed the monument.

“The horse figures standing on two legs also have special Japanese steel, which is used for samurai swords. Unbreakable, bends up to 45 degrees. Then it is also filled with lead to weigh it down. Otherwise, there is no way the 17-ton figure could stand on such small hooves.

It is ingeniously made, there is no other monument like it.”

the sculptor adds more interesting details.

After he finishes repairing the sword, a laparoscopic examination of the inside of the equestrian statues is scheduled to see if there are any hidden structural problems.

“We managed to secure BGN 50,000 for the emergency activities. We had to temporarily remove three of the stone blocks so that we could use an 80-ton crane to place the tower on the site of the monument. Everything will be restored for the holiday”, explained Deputy Mayor Neiko Genchev.

Denislav Sirakov is also optimistic that he will be able to handle the repair by September 22, although on Tuesday he could not work because there was a strong wind. Due to the atmospheric conditions at a height of 30 meters there were parts of the sword without any bolts. He says that with the additional reinforcement, it will not move – neither from vibrations, nor from temperature amplitudes and air currents.

l 10 days there is a sculptor climber to cope

with 60,000 bolts holding the skin to the

The 33-meter peak of the Asenevtsi Monument

l Steel ropes for samurai swords

hold the 17-ton bronze figures

l Laparoscopic examination afterwards

will reveal if there are any problems

with the construction inside

l With a full-size Pencho phaser mock-up

Kubadinski chose the place of the monument

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