The stake is whether to continue what the PP started, or whether we continue in the old way

The stake is whether to continue what the PP started, or whether we continue in the old way
The stake is whether to continue what the PP started, or whether we continue in the old way

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The election campaign is rather sluggish, because in the last few weeks quite dramatic events have happened for Bulgaria. That’s what he said about the morning block “Good morning Bulgaria” on Radio “Focus” the political scientist Atanas Radev. When we see the media flow of information, we observe the focus on two specific events – the disaster in Karlovsko and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he was categorical.

“From then on, the election campaign remains in the shadow of these news. The messages that the candidates for people’s representatives manage to send, in fact, I would say that they are rather some kind of attacks between the former mandate holder “We continue the change” and, accordingly, the opposition GERB. We observe a slightly more serious level of debate there,” the political scientist added.

According to him, in these elections, people do not have the fatigue they had last year, because this is the first election of the year.

“This is the first election of this year, respectively – at least in my opinion, I expect that the turnout will be higher in terms of the fact that we have a so-called political stake, which means, in fact, that continuing the idea of ​​” We continue the change’ whether the change will continue, what is put as the main question and the coalition partners themselves profess, accordingly and put as a message, that is to continue their work and how much work they have done within six months, etc. . So in that regard, we have this choice – whether to continue what “Continuing Change” and their coalition partners have started, or continue as it was. More or less, that’s the stake that’s been raised. Whether it’s right is another question. , or not,” said Atanas Radev.

“According to the available data, we see that GERB is first, then – “We continue the change”, “Vazrazhdane” and DPS will argue for third place, which in fact automatically, in my opinion, leads us to think that the formation of a stable governing majority of the old coalition partners will be at least, in my opinion, very difficult and I would even say impossible,” the political scientist specified.

According to Atanas Radev, the focus of attention remains on what GERB and “We continue the change” can establish as relations between them.

“Although there are quite serious conditions on both sides – that Boyko Borisov should give up his position as chairman of GERB, and that Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev should not participate in the government, which are mutual ultimatums that do not actually lead to anything fruitful. So it remains to be seen, because in this situation you see that the parties are quite cautious in their talk and who their coalition partners will be. I hope we will have a sustainable governing majority, although the data suggests otherwise.”