Lyudmil Kirov: I returned to Ruse so that “Danube” fans can dream

Lyudmil Kirov: I returned to Ruse so that “Danube” fans can dream
Lyudmil Kirov: I returned to Ruse so that “Danube” fans can dream

The new-old head coach of “Danube” Lyudmil Kirov gave an interview to “Dsport” just a few days after taking charge of the Ruse team

Mr. Kirov, why did you return to your native Ruse and take the helm of the Danube? Are the fans happy?

“I came back because I could not refuse the invitation of the current management. I came back because after I am coachthe fans of Danube can dream and be bold in their dreams. We cannot exist without them team, as a club. For this I will give heart and soul for them and our beloved Danube. I know that the majority of supporters are positive towards me. They’re happy I’m here and they know I won’t let them down. It’s normal that there are those who don’t like me, but we all love Danube.”

You were already at the head of the Danube. Is it now a new beginning or a continuation of your previous stay?

“No, it’s not a new beginning, it’s something that has already happened. I’ve been waiting for this moment. We did a good job in my previous stay, but there’s still a lot to be done. I’ve brought complete professionalism to the club and we have to finish what we started. ruseI’m nec, my love for teamand it is huge. I was a football player for 10 years Danube. It started there coachmy career – four years as an assistant coach and two years senior coach of the team in the First League.”

Have you followed how the Danube is developing after you? Voluntarily relegated to a lower level to gradually develop to the second level of professional football. Do you approve of this development?

“That’s exactly what should have happened to Danube. If I had stayed coachit wasn’t there teamto be relegated, but looking at today’s date, now everything is in favor of the club. I find Danube in excellent condition. Financially, it is perfect, the children’s and youth school is functioning, men’s football, the pitches are good. It is not a fixed idea of ​​the management to attack the First League this year. We are asked to make it combat-ready team and next year to attack the First League. Naturally, if given a chance again this year, we would not give it up. You said perfect financial condition.”

Who runs the club? The business in Ruse helps a lot. It shows that we are a living city. I hope that we will give people a reason to be happy with where they put their money in the Danube. As a new coach, will you make changes in the personnel potential of Dunav?

“There won’t be any left until the end of the year. I will give each of the current players a chance to prove that they deserve to wear the jersey of Danube. As for new players – it is imperative that we take and work on this matter. After the game with Montana, which is on Sunday, I hope we have a new player.”

Is the city stadium in Ruse ready to receive more and more audiences to support Danube?

“The facility is in very good condition and I’m sure it will welcome more and more crowds to support Danube the way he went. There is a small problem and it has to do with the grass cover. We don’t have a game in our stadium for three weeks and I believe that the people who have made a commitment will restore it to its good condition. It remains for us coachand and footballers, let’s bring back the time in which Danube pleased rusenci with successful participation in the highest level of Bulgarian football.”

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