All summer the children had fun in the library in Polikraishte

All summer the children had fun in the library in Polikraishte
All summer the children had fun in the library in Polikraishte

The summer vacation is over, and with it the “Summer in the Library” initiative, organized by the “Development” Primary School in Polikraishte, has also ended. The participants this year numbered 40 and together with librarian Tatiana Kusheva and several special guests read, drew, played, created, walked and learned new and interesting things. All the time everyone was very organized, responsible and active.
“We thank these wonderful, inquisitive, smart and talented children for their desire, interest, effort and attention, for the sunny smiles and incredible emotions that we shared with them during the past two and a half months. We started from the middle of June and managed to carry out a total of 19 events”, shared Kusheva. The program included the activity “I like to draw with friends” and 2 classes in the STEM room at the local school, where the participants built an airplane, a rocket and an observation tower. The children drew beautiful birds, made cups and trays, answered curious and fun questions and learned about the abacus. They attended a lesson on Orthodoxy conducted by Father Zoran in the church, laid a wreath and performed a program in front of the monument of Vasil Levski on the occasion of the 185th anniversary of his birth and read fairy tales by Elin Pelin in connection with the 145th anniversary of his birth. The participants in the initiative painted with colored chalks, organized a photo exhibition “My magical summer”, enjoyed the performance of the visiting magical theater “Fixy”, participated in a creative workshop “Sea Memory” with the active cooperation and help of the long-time volunteer at the library Svetla Ganeva, with which they made souvenirs with shells, rapans and snails. In the activity “It’s interesting to be a librarian”, the children took on the role of librarians for a while, searching for, offering and recording books to the readers. On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Angel Karaliychev, they read his works, and in the lesson “Survival in nature” together with senior Yonko Hristov, they learned many useful things. Fun sports games were organized for the children at the school with Bahar Osman, sports teacher. They colored the characters of Angel Karaliychev – Toshko Afrikanski, Aneto and the Rye Bread, met the writers Stefan Mitev and Veselina Kozuharova, made a dramatization of the story “The Fish with the Golden Tails” by “Toshko Afrikanski”, which they presented to the children of the Dimitar Elementary School Genkov” in the village, visited a sugar factory, ending the summer activities with a treat and prizes provided by sponsors, the librarian said.
“I think we achieved good results and benefited from contact with the library, with books and reading. And she, our wonderful library, was alive, breathing with the inexhaustible children’s energy and smiling with the radiant children’s faces, responding to their thirst and desire to participate, create, show knowledge and skills in each of our endeavors. We parted satisfied and satisfied with everything we accomplished together, but we continue to be together in the future”, said Kusheva, adding that the library awaits its readers all year round, because the book is spiritual food, without which we cannot grow, develop and we realize.
To all the bright participants in the library’s summer work, she and the mentors in the individual classes wished them to be persistent, fighting, independent, steadfast in achieving their goals, inquisitive, reading, studious and knowledgeable.
Nikolay VENKOV
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