Help for little Niki from Vidin

Help for little Niki from Vidin
Help for little Niki from Vidin

Niki from Vidin is 8 years old, but today he will not cross the school threshold together with his classmates for the 2nd grade at “Vasil Levski” Secondary School in Kula. Since March of this year, Nicky has been diagnosed with a head tumor. Niki fights the disease with her parents, who after a long wandering around hospitals in the country and abroad receive an offer for an operation in Turkey. It is for the child to undergo a very difficult but life-saving operation. The child’s mother, Iveta Ivanova, who is a special educator – resource teacher, tells what the family is going through:

“The child’s problems started with headaches and vomiting. In Vidin, they diagnosed “Child depression”, but we did not agree with the diagnosis. We went to Sofia, where in exactly 1 hour they did all kinds of tests, an MRI, a scanner and so on. They put the most – the terrible diagnosis of Diffuse pontine glioma and we were told that our hospital is up to here… From there we moved the child to a second hospital – from there they told us – you only have a few days for the child, we are here. We, of course, did not give up, we moved the child in a third hospital in Sofia, where we were offered to try radiotherapy. The child underwent 27 days of radiotherapy, which is the maximum number of rays in his life already. After two months, we did an MRI, the tumor had shrunk drastically, significantly, a lot. Since a month started a slight paresis on the left side of the body – hand, foot. Paresis on the right side of the face. We went to Italy, but things happen very slowly there. We had to wait I don’t know how many days for an MRI to be done on him. We are tr we drove, we returned to Bulgaria. We had a new MRI done on Monday where the pictures show that there is enlargement – not sure if the tumor itself has grown or if it is an outflow of the tumor. No one can say that because no biopsy was taken, a biopsy is impossible. Accordingly, the symptoms are already worsening – speech is already impaired by facial paresis. We received an offer from Turkey, where there is no guarantee, no guarantee in principle, for any intervention for this part of the head, because the tumor is located in the trunk, where almost no one operates there. I speak all over the world. But they offered because no one offered us until now. The amount for the operation alone, for the operation alone, is 22 thousand euros. Separately, no one knows how much the other costs will come out like the child’s interventions and stays, etc. They are doing everything possible to leave today or tomorrow for Turkey, because the child is getting worse with every passing hour”.

Literally a few hours ago, the family received another offer, adds Iveta Ivanova:

“An hour ago, they also called us from Varna, but they are still discussing whether they will agree to such an intervention and we are waiting for them to tell us where to go. In Turkey, they offer operative intervention, which means opening a head, and in Varna, they offer a range knife, which is the lesser evil in principle as an intervention. Neither has a guarantee nor the other.”

Nicky’s donation account is in the process of being set up, to which money can be transferred. Donations can currently be made to the mother’s account – BG66UNCR70001524194220 – Iveta Tsvetanova Ivanova. In a matter of hours, BGN 10,000 was deposited into the family’s account.

“We believe, Niki was written off since March,” says Niki’s mother.

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