They destroyed the Russian agency in Bulgaria, where the spies are hidden

They destroyed the Russian agency in Bulgaria, where the spies are hidden
They destroyed the Russian agency in Bulgaria, where the spies are hidden

A new DANS report was published yesterday, which shows that Bulgaria continues to be the object of systematic intelligence interest. Russia uses propaganda and disinformation to exert its influence in our country. In the second half of last year, a large-scale hybrid campaign against the expansion of NATO to the east and the increase of Russia’s influence among other countries, among them Bulgaria, was launched, are the conclusions in the document of the National Security State Agency.

“What comes out as reports from DANS, DAR and Military Information, these are the annual reports that the services have to present to the parliament. When parliament convenes after October 2, MPs are likely to consider them. There have been such reports before. This time, what came out in the media from the three services, it strikes me that only in the DAR there is no mention of Russia as the source of these hybrid attacks and threats. But what is more important is what they gave in the secret part”, commented Metodi Andreev, the former member of the Commission for Control of Services and the Commission on Dossier, to Nova TV.

“This job is no surprise. It became clear to everyone that Russia is not that country – a brotherly country that thinks about the future and the well-being of the Bulgarians and other peoples of the world. It was seen that she displayed a dictatorial regime. She started an illogical war in independent Ukraine. We see how he is racketeering the world and Europe with the gas”, commented Andreev.

He added that Bulgaria’s energy independence is not from yesterday and the other day. According to him, the Bulgarian services “have been heavily penetrated by Russian influence”. “We expelled so many Russian diplomats. And who did they work with in Bulgaria? With those 4-5 pensioners who arrested them? There is a huge network of Russian agents in Bulgaria, which was prepared before and after 1989. The agency is economic, political and for influence”, commented Andreev.

“Agents of influence are clear – when you hear them talking about “Turkish Stream”, about “Gazprom” – they are clear”, the former MP believes.

“The problem is who are the agents of political and who are the agents of economic influence. These are heavily conspired individuals. Russians work with parties and people you would never guess working with Russia. This is the so-called Fifth Column”, commented Metodi Andreev.

“State security has developed an operational measure “Revival”. It is very little known. I know some of the people involved in this event. You have never heard these people as declared agents of the DS. One of the versions is that these people with their archival documents were exported to Russia and they work secretly for it. There are prime ministers from the transition, ministers, chief prosecutors from the transition,” said Andreev.

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