Grandma kamikaze almost caused a cataclysm in Plovdiv

Grandma kamikaze almost caused a cataclysm in Plovdiv
Grandma kamikaze almost caused a cataclysm in Plovdiv

An elderly woman on the verge of causing a chain disaster in Plovdiv. This case was reported by readers of TrafficNewswhich fell on the offender.

They claim that the woman made a kamikaze cut across one of the busiest streets under the hills. The action took place on “Vasil Levski” Street in the direction of “Dunav” Blvd. Unperturbed by cars and completely ignoring road users, she crosses the road and goes to her destination.

A few meters away on both sides of it, there are pedestrian paths, and one of them was built together with a traffic light, precisely to have another place for pedestrians to cross the street, our readers report.

However, the lady did not think it necessary to use either of the two footpaths and crossed at the non-designated place without even looking around.

“The moment the woman jumped out onto the road, both we and the oncoming car slammed on our brakes to avoid hitting her. It was really lucky that there were no cars behind us or the oncoming car, because the pedestrian would have caused a chain reaction for sure.”our readers comment.

More than once, our media has published similar manifestations of citizens noticed in our city, which do not seem to be rare at all. We receive similar shots every month. We appeal to the citizens to show more reason and consideration, and the law enforcement agencies to monitor more thoroughly for violators, who should bear the corresponding fine.

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