BSP with a discussion on education in Veliko Tarnovo

BSP with a discussion on education in Veliko Tarnovo
BSP with a discussion on education in Veliko Tarnovo

“For some of the politicians, it is convenient for the Bulgarian people to be uneducated and ignorant so that they can buy their votes.” Lidiya Prokopova, a historian with over 30 years of experience as a teacher and a candidate for a representative in the lists of “BSP for Bulgaria” in Veliko Tarnovo, the party reports.

“Happy first day of school to our children! To be curious and searching! Congratulations to the first-timers, today they are starting the most important path in their lives, which will make them real people and Bulgarians! Courage and patience to the parents too – without our care, the seeds of knowledge will not germinate. Salute to our teachers – the future of our country is in their hands!” With these words, the leader of the list, Yavor Bozhankov, began the second of the series of debates that “BSP for Bulgaria” organized with the participation of young people from the entire region and the candidates for people’s representatives. The topic that generated many questions and discussions was education.

“The transition in our country started with changing the textbooks. And, in order not to be ideologically embellished, they no longer spoke of patriotism. There was no mention of education either.” This is how Lidiya Prokopova outlined the initial problem in the Bulgarian school. According to her, until education is included as a cause, as a development strategy in the state’s policy, Bulgaria will not prosper. Because only through education and education, will build a civil society that will be capable, wise and knowledgeable enough to choose the most worthy to rule us.

Among the measures that Lidia Prokopova proposed are the introduction of a mechanism for responsible parenting and tying the success of students to a behavior assessment.

Her claim that mobile devices should be banned in class sparked controversy. “A child’s attention can be engaged for no more than 5 minutes. If it is constantly on the Internet, this cannot be done,” she reasons.

“We live in the 21st century, the world is changing and we have to change along with it, because otherwise our education remains in the background,” said the 16th in the list Krasin Karakotsev. “For me, a good teacher is one who can incorporate the technological achievements of the 21st century into the learning process. When I have taught, I have always successfully used students’ mobile devices in class. When it becomes skillful and interesting for children, it can only to improve the educational process. That’s why we shouldn’t be afraid of the new. That’s why it’s happy that there are more and more young teachers in the Bulgarian school,” he concluded.

“We, in Bulgarian education, unfortunately, are not attractive to children, because we are not adequate to our times,” was the thesis of Desislava Simeonova. She is 28 years old – a teacher, co-author of a geography textbook, doctoral student and part-time teacher in the Department of Geography of Veliko Tarnovo University. And it is with preference 114 in the list of “BSP for Bulgaria”. Her reasons for this conclusion are the eternal “piecemeal” changes that have been made in Bulgarian education for 30 years: “There is no comprehensive vision of how in every single class between the individual subjects there is connectivity. Therefore, most of the children do not understand what they are learning, they lose interest.”

Devolved budgets that follow the student rather than quality education, kill anti-discipline measures and prevent true inclusive education for children with special educational needs were also a topic of discussion.

Upbringing and education go hand in hand. The participants in the discussion united around this conclusion and recalled how important it is for young families that kindergartens, at the suggestion of “BSP for Bulgaria” are now free throughout the country, because preschool is the basis for all education thereafter. They insist on textbooks up to 12 -th grade to become free, and their content to educate real Bulgarians and personalities.

The discussion ended with the words of Krasin Karakotsev: “A teacher is not just a profession! It’s something much bigger!”

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