Why is the first day of school banned?

Why is the first day of school banned?
Why is the first day of school banned?

Why are celebrations banned for September 15, and students must go directly to class. These questions were asked by “Vazrazhdane”.

$In connection with an order of the Minister of Health with number RD_01-435 of 09.09.2022, restrictions have been introduced throughout the country on the occasion of the first day of school. These are obviously the first restrictive measures for COVID-19 in the Bulgarian school this year.

Holiday celebrations are banned and students are forced to go directly to their classrooms.

This is another act of the state institutions, in which, in addition to turning the festive first day of school into an ordinary day, they also limit the contact between students in the same school.

Principals’ orders have already been issued to school principals notifying parents that children should go directly to classrooms.

At the beginning of the school year, this could be taken as a sure sign that Bulgarian children are facing another incomplete school year in terms of attendance, in which they will be deprived of social contacts and a full-fledged educational process.

“Vazrazhdane” is about to request a meeting with the Minister of Health and the Minister of Education to discuss the arguments used to make the above-mentioned decision days before the start of the event most awaited by students and parents – the first day of school,” the party announced.

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