Seasonal employment keeps unemployment in Bulgaria at a low level

Seasonal employment keeps unemployment in Bulgaria at a low level
Seasonal employment keeps unemployment in Bulgaria at a low level

Unemployment in the country in August was 4.3%, reports the Employment Agency

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The level of registered unemployment in Bulgaria in August was 4.3% – the lowest value of the indicator for the month since the existence of administrative statistics, notes the Employment Agency. On an annual basis, the indicator decreased by 0.6 percentage points, and compared to July there was a minimal increase of 0.1%.

The number of registered unemployed in August totaled 139,782.

During the month, 19 thousand new unemployed people were registered, and on a monthly and yearly basis they are decreasing. Another 940 people from the groups of jobseekers employed, students and pensioners also registered with the employment offices during the month.

More than 10,000 unemployed people started work in August. In the summer month, the largest share of those who started working in the processing industry sector – 20.6%, followed by those in trade – 13.7%, hotels and restaurants – 12.1%, state administration – 7.6% and others .

Nearly 1,800 unemployed people from the risk groups were appointed to subsidized jobs during the month – under employment programs and measures and under the schemes of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”.

During the month, 223 unemployed and employed persons were included in various trainings, and 4,907 completed the training started in previous months, acquiring a new profession or key competence.

At the end of the summer season, there were more than 12,000 registered jobs on the primary labor market. The largest number of vacancies in the real economy are reported in manufacturing (25%), followed by education (24%), trade, car and motorcycle repair (11%), administrative and support activities (9%), hotels and restaurants (6%).

The most sought-after professions by businesses during the month are: teachers; workers in the mining and processing industries, construction and transport; sellers; machine operators of stationary machinery and equipment; personnel employed in the field of personal services; staff caring for people; waste collection and related workers; skilled workers in the production of food, clothing, wood products and related; metallurgists, machine builders and related workers, and artisans; cleaners and helpers etc.

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