The Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office will protest the restraining order imposed on a young woman who drove after using drugs and alcohol and caused bodily harm due to carelessness

The Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office will file a protest in the Sofia City Court against a certain measure of remand for an 18-year-old woman who drove after using drugs and alcohol and, as a result of an accident, caused bodily harm to a young woman due to carelessness.

D.M. is brought to criminal responsibility for the fact that on 13/09/2022 at around 01:50 the accused was driving along “Zahari Stoyanov” Blvd., when she violated the rules of the road by driving into oncoming traffic and crashed herself. As a result of the accident, negligence caused moderate bodily injury to N.R. To D.M. tests were done which showed that the accused was driving after using cocaine and with a blood alcohol concentration of over 1.2 per thousand, namely 1.9 per thousand.

In this case, pre-trial proceedings were initiated for a crime under Art. 343, para. 3, item 1 and item 2, b. “A”, cf. para. 1, b. “B”, cf. Art. 342, para. 1, item 3 of the Civil Code, and D.M. was detained for up to 72 hours by decree of a supervising prosecutor.

Today, 15.09.2022, a panel of the Sofia District Court decided against D.M. measure of restraint – “guarantee in money” .

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