Repairs have also begun at the stadium in Yambol

Repairs have also begun at the stadium in Yambol
Repairs have also begun at the stadium in Yambol

A roundabout that will facilitate drivers and relieve traffic will be built at a key location in Yambol.

Preparations have already begun for the repair works from the intersection of the “Hristo Smirnenski” school to the Complex for Social Services for Children and Adults /KSUDV/, where the construction of the roundabout with four branches is planned. This is the first stage of the overall project, which was launched yesterday.

It includes activities to restore and improve the transport and operational qualities of the road surface, ensure conditions for traffic safety, replace the existing curbs, provide an accessible environment, including improving access for people with disabilities, construction of parking areas of cars.
The construction of a two-way driveway, the improvement of sidewalk areas and the complete replacement of the water main and water diversions are also part of the renovation works.

On September 15, yesterday, the modernization and reconstruction activities of the athletics track at the city stadium, which is abandoned and in extremely bad condition, also began.

Since the Yambol stadium was built in the 1970s, only once has part of the track been renovated, and the facility is currently used by at least 20 sports organizations.

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