The European Omerta for corruption in Bulgaria

The European Omerta for corruption in Bulgaria
The European Omerta for corruption in Bulgaria

“Corruption is only if you get caught,” a Bulgarian politician with extremely flexible morals said some time ago. For the big European parties, such as EPP, PES and ALDE, it would sound different: “They are only corrupted by the other parties”.

This week in the European Parliament there was an attempt to debate the arrest of Boyko Borisov during the previous administration. It was requested and imposed by the European People’s Party, of which GERB is a part. It is the largest party in the EU and has the greatest influence on its institutions. Borisov’s arrest was unsuccessful from many points of view. Legally it was controversial, politically it did not bring much benefits, to some extent and because it did not bring any results – the leader of GERB was released after less than 24 hours. But the discussion in the EP is indicative of something else.

This move by the EPP is a new attempt to wash Borisov’s image before the elections and another case in which the largest European party protects GERB from accusations of corruption. Officially, criticism in this direction was almost never heard from there, even during the scandals with very specific facts. And Borisov could count on their “full support” in all institutions. The few criticisms about corruption in Bulgaria are always unaddressed, as if it were some kind of natural phenomenon. Borisov has always received European legitimation from them in exchange for his unquestioning support for whatever they ask. GERB ruled Bulgaria for more than 10 years, during which corruption only grew, but the EPP did not see them responsible.

This is unfair to European and Bulgarian taxpayers, whose money flows into Bulgarian corruption networks. But what is more scandalous is that it applies to all European parties. That of the socialists did not see corruption during the time of the triple coalition, when its current chairman, Sergey Stanishev, was prime minister. A representative of the DPS is co-chairman of the party of European liberals. Not only did she not say anything about corruption, but she also supported the DPS against the sanctions under “Magnitsky” of Delyan Peevski.

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