Plovdiv residents will have to wait for a new zoo

Plovdiv residents will have to wait for a new zoo
Plovdiv residents will have to wait for a new zoo


The people of Plovdiv will have to wait longer for the zoo, because the funds provided for it in the 2022 budget will be redirected. This is what Deputy Mayor for Finance Velichko Rodopski proposes for consideration at the upcoming session of the Municipal Council, a reporter told

In order to finally complete the long-awaited zoo in Plovdiv, BGN 470,000 was allocated for this year. Apparently, however, the objective obstacles surrounding the realization of this task continue, and therefore the municipal leadership has decided not to withhold the funds, but to use them for something else, more urgent.

In this case, it is the repair of sanitary facilities in the new hangars of the Rowing Base. BGN 390,000 has been requested for them, which will be used to build bathrooms, toilets, changing rooms and gyms under the hangars. The total area of ​​the premises to be renovated is nearly 1400 sq.m.

The planned funds provided by the state as a reserve for the construction of “Dame Gruev” Street in the amount of over BGN 1,200,000 will be used right now in its construction, at the expense of which the planned own funds for the site, which the municipality will use for other urgent needs.

At the upcoming session on September 16, a total of BGN 2.5 million must be redistributed.

Money has been requested for the “South” district for fire hydrants on the Youth Hill. The regional mayor of “Central” Georgi Stamenov wants another 500,000 BGN for the repair of the parallel streets of “Father Paisiy” – “Rila metoh” and “Stanislav Dostoevsky”, as well as the approaches from the southern side of the Ancient Theater.

BGN 320,000 will be voted for 6 new playgrounds in the “North” area. The Plovdiv Municipal Inspectorate also insists on three more cars with a total value of BGN 75,000.

At the session, BGN 470,000 should also be voted for the emergency repair of the roof of the “Dusho Hadzydekov” elementary school, which burned down at the beginning of the month.

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