“John Atanasov” High School welcomed its students in a new building

“John Atanasov” High School welcomed its students in a new building
“John Atanasov” High School welcomed its students in a new building

On the first day of school, after 35 years since its establishment, “John Atanasov” Professional High School of Electronics welcomed its students in a new school building (185 Gen. Stoletov St.). In front of 500 students, fighters from the Proto-Bulgarian School “Baga-Tur” demonstrated their skills. The celebration was attended by guests from the Regional Inspectorate of Education, the Municipality of Stara Zagora, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and distinguished veteran teachers who worked for many years at the high school.

On September 1, back in 1987, the Technical College of Electronics received the status of an independent educational unit from the secondary education system. The training is highly specialized and arises in connection with the need for highly qualified personnel in electronics and programming for the region and mainly for the Business Association “Disk Storage Devices” (DZU).

The need for highly skilled electronics technicians is increasing with the development of new technologies. Since 1990, the Technical School of Electronics has been training students in the following specialties: Radio Engineering and Television, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering with a Microprocessor Engineering profile.

Since 1993, the school has been named after John Atanasoff – the inventor of the model of the first digital computer (the ABC computer, Atanasoff-Berry Computer), and since 2003 it has been renamed the “John Atanasoff” Professional High School of Electronics. From the academic year 1992/1993, students after completing the 7th grade, with intensive study of the English language, are accepted. Training begins in new specialties: Computer technology and technologies; Computer networks; Telecommunications systems; Optical communication systems; Microprocessor technology; Industrial electronics. Thus, over the years, the Professional High School of Electronics “John Atanasov” has established itself as a school with traditions and a confident view of the future of its graduates.

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