A fawn was born at the Center for the Protection of Nature and Animals in Dobrich

The unique Center for the Protection of Nature and Animals, which combines flora and fauna and enjoys many visitors, now has a new resident. A fawn was born in the family of red deer that have been living in the Zoo for 3 years. The fawn enjoys good health and the care of its parents, who are one of the most beautiful species found in the animal world. The fawn has a name – it was named Agate after the example of its father – Elmaz and its mother – Jasper.

It is one of the three deer species in Bulgaria – red deer, fallow deer and roe deer. The red deer is not named so by chance. With its stately bearing and powerful horns, it has inspired artists, sculptors, photographers for centuries to this day. In ancient times, he was considered an assistant to shamans, and his image and sculptures can be found in caves, Thracian tombs, Roman mosaics, rock shelters and even in churches from the Middle Ages. The red deer is a large herbivorous mammal of the ungulate order, which is distributed in Central and Western Europe, the European part of Russia, Central Asia, the Far East, North Africa, North America and some other areas. https://biodiversity.bg/bg/Blagoroden-elen.c292

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In the Center for the Protection of Nature and Animals on an area of ​​162 acres, you can meet 490 animals of 78 different species. Here there are no concrete and metal fences, no ugly cells and a painful environment. Here, the majority of animals walk absolutely freely and we humans are their guests.

The conditions that the Zoo-center provides are unique for our latitudes and incomparable to those of a standard zoo. The bears, for example, live in the largest zoo bear enclosure on the Balkan Peninsula. All inhabitants live in the area they need and which is as close as possible to their natural one. They can always hide from the eyes of visitors and show themselves when they decide.

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